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SERM While On Cycle?

Hey guys. On TRT some people get prescribed clomid or nolvadex at a low dose daily for fertility (usually when they have a bad reaction to HCG) or to attempt to boost their levels without injecting more T. I’m not asking if this is a good idea or not. My question is, with that being said, why do people not run clomid or nolvadex throughout their cycle. It seems counterproductive telling your balls to work while still putting in exogenous testosterone but could this potentially make the HPTA jumpstart easier because you never stopped producing your own T?

Cycle A (standard):
500mg Testosterone per week, wait 2 weeks then Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Cycle B:
500mg Testosterone per week, 20mg nolvadex per day, then I’m stuck thinking about how it could work. Could run the nolvadex at the 20mg for 2 weeks then bump to 40mg? Or right when you stop the test. Do standard PCT just earlier cus you have already been on the nolvadex?

Is cycle A truly superior to a version of cycle B? If the same person ran cycle A and B would the recovery be significantly different? I realize I’m trying to fix something that isn’t broken but I was wondering if this TRT practice of using a SERM while injecting T could bleed over into the cycling world. Would love to hear everybody’s thoughts on this.

SERM = selective estrogen receptor modulator. Main function is to keep estrogen out of the receptors until it is out of your system, side effect is increased LH and FSH which helps get the ole balls rolling.

I’m no endo, but taking nolva or clomid on cycle might help block estrogen activity at the receptor but due to suppression I don’t think you would get much boost in LH or FSH. Also, your body needs some estrogen to function properly, even as a male. Taking SERMs or AIs when you don’t need them will serve to crash your E2, causing similar sexual dysfunction as having too much E2.


Taking nolva on cycle was pretty a standard and effective way of stopping gyno symptoms, before AI were available.

I personally don’t like AI, but I don’t take massive amounts of test, so I can get by with a serm on cycle.

I have no proof about LH or FSH, but my balls don’t atrophy as much when I take a serm on cycle. I also feel like I recover more comprehensibly taking a serm on cycle.

When you take a SERM on cycle, what dose do you use? Also what’s your PCT look like? Do you drop the SERM for 2 weeks and then pick it back up for PCT or just run it straight through?

If you read my posts - a lot of my patients use tamoxifen use the most part on cycle or on TRT. I personally use 20mg every day.

I usually do 16 week steroid cycles, and use clomid on cycle 25mg/day. I have also used Nolva at 20mg/day.
I still run the serm during steroid wash out 2-3 weeks between cycle and true PCT as an anti E.
25mg/day Clomid through PCT for 6-8 weeks. Depending on how I feel regarding morning wood and sex drive, I might taper the clomid to 12.5mg/day if I do weeks 7 and 8 of PCT. People can respond differently so you may need to experiment to find out what works for you.

Hi! Was just looking for some advice, I have gyno from a previous course I did years ago! Without any revision dumb I know! … but I’ve started a course agin, this time taking 500 mg test e weekly split into to injections and I’m taking 20mg of tamoxifen very 2 days to prevent gyno flaring back up! Do I need an ai with this course to keep estrogen down or should I just take an ai for my pct … so carry on test e 500mg weekly tamoxifen eod course will be 10 weeks carry on taking tamoxifen all the way to week 12 for pct & add an ai? Any help is hugely appreciated