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SERM Quality Issues?

One of the reps from Anabolic Innovations said he’s heard some questionable stuff has been shipped from the chem research companies lately. But I haven’t heard anything about this, although I’m not exactly “in the loop.”

Is this true?

I hope this isn’t against the rules. I’ve tried to be as vague as I can, which seems to be what you’re supposed to do when discussing this topic. If it’s impossible to answer this in the forum without breaking rules please PM me.

Oh really a rep for a supplement company that sells PCT, and Recovery, and after cycle products told you that research companies aren’t good and you should buy his stuff ???

Imagine that.

Id punch him right in his fat mouth if I met him.

Sure there are research companies that are no good, but the legit ones have been around for a long time now, and we have been ordering from them for years, and they arent hard to find.

If you do steroids or prohormones then you need an SERM for PCT, supplement companies just want a piece of the action at the expense of people’s health.

[quote]Westclock wrote:

Id punch him right in his fat mouth if I met him.

LOL. So true. I have a lot of patience but those clowns really irritate me.

I know there are a bunch of people agree with me that there was surely some underdosed adex floating around a short time ago from one of these research chem companies.

Maybe I misremember, but wasn’t that thread essentially about adex crystallizing? Still not perfect, but it doesn’t mean that the bottle is underdosed per se… it just needs to be reconstituted frequently.

But I don’t speak from experience; my adex is from elsewhere and I’ve had no such probs.

even when lab testing at SRCS of liquid stuff was available most of the mfrs / sites didn’t bother to test, I wonder why ?