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Finished up about a 6 week cycle of Test/Mast, both prop, around 500/400 week to 875/700 week. Some confusion on dosage, so I have abandoned my thoughts on a stasis pct of 100mg/week to bridge to next go round, as I have no firm accurate knowledge, (it's a long story), so I might well be under the mark, or over and continue suppresion.

So, I'm on 2 days post last shot, and running my adex in a taper for a week or so, and started my serm today at 40mg/day nolva...

Does this sound ok to the other vets who still employ standard SERM pct?

BIll, you have any thoughts on this?
I ran a sketchy tren/var/primo gig before this for a few weeks also. Dosage was all over the map on that too..so much confusion right now, lol.

How long would you go with 40/day, I usually do this for a few days then start dropping to 10mg drops per week till finished. And how long would you taper the AI for that matter? I planned on doing that for a week or week and a half to 2 wks.

Sorry for the somewhat confusing data, but that's where it's at.

thanks in advance guys.



What's the problem?
Question not sexy enough guys?

Seriously, I asked to see what the difft opinions are on working a standard AI/SERM pct, with a little foggy background on my prior cycle.

Some guys, like KsMan for instance, like to keep the AI flowing, and specifically point out to taper the SERM, duhh, and I'm kind of in the other camp where I wasn't planning on continuing the AI after pct, or maybe I will if I get some feedback here..

My question is still, what do you all think of tapering the AI for a couple weeks, and then rolling the nolva at 40/day for 4 days, then drop to 30/day for a week, 20/day another week, and 15/10 over the next week?

It sounds solid to me, just want my brothers opinions...

Does anyone have an opinion?

On the other hand, if I did continue the AI at a low maintenance dose till after a month and a few, then start my next cycle, how would you do that with the two compounds?
Same, just keep the AI at that final low dose the rest of teh way through the SERM taper?

Cmon guys, where's the love?


so youre asking if you should
Taper adex
then run Nolva

Test stasis/AI
then Nolva?

Id do about
50mg/week of test
with .5mg/week of Adex
with 20mg/nolva
taper the test
then adex
then nolva

Just my .02cents hopefully one of the big boys will help you out


I did a 6 week prop cycle at 700mg/wk (just to try out a new source) and did a SERM PCT afterward. I took my first dose of Nolva 7 or 8 days after my last shot. I did the standard 40 40 20 20 deal and it worked out perfectly fine.

I have no opinion on using an AI after PCT or when off cycle. But I did use an AI for 2 weeks into the PCT (IIRC, could have been 1 week though)

There is talk about frontloading the nolvadex on day one then going with 20mg/d for the rest of the time. May try that the next time I use a SERM PCT.

Hope that helps a bit.


Not quite, but close, lol.
I was going to do a stasis, but it's complicated...long story short, the dose of the brew doesn't seem to be what I was told it was, and said person in the know has been uber busy, and I think may have made a simple error, though I could be wrong.

I'm basing this assumption on knowing my own body and it's reaction to test very well...and there were two doses discussed before the brew was made up...One was lower, the latter was higher per ml...
Something along the lines of 75T/57M props, to 125/100 T/M props..so you see quite a margin there....and further confusing the whole thing was me wanting to do it eod, and make for the final weekly goal, then ending up going with ed, due to the dose, not feeling like it was the latter...

See? Complicated, lol...

Anyhow, so yeah I was after you guys and your experiences doing the old standard pct, which I've used frequently but not in a while, and not after this cycle I just discussed mixed in with another complicated and somewhat botched tren cycle prior to this one...which was WAY low dosed and basicly somewhat of a waste of HPTA function if you follow me...

Anywho, thanks for your input Soon2B, it's appreciated.



Sounds good indeed BONEZ...Thanks dude, I went ahead and started my Nolva today, which was 2 days post last injec. That's how I am used to doing it, and it may well have been a bit early, but no big...

If you don't mind, do you remember how fast you tapered your AI? Doesn't matter much I guess, but I'm curious if you recall anyway...

I'll be dropping from .5/day to .25 from first week to the next, and then I may well just run a maintenance dose till the nolva is done, as I am starting another gig at that point. After which I'm taking a stasis taper, and a load of time off completely...

Thanks guys, didn't mean to get cranky, but it's frustrating a bit, especially when some of the ahem...idiot threads get going with all their banter...lol..

Thanks Bonez.


Actually ITZ I didnt see that it was only a six week cycle... I would just do a SERM + taper dose of Adex or letro if you got it bc I dont think Nolva fucks with letro at all...


NO you're right, but with the short time of Adex taper, and the small amount of adex involved, it shouldn't be a problem with interfering with the adex function too much.

Thanks again bro.


Well I was only running .25mg EOD with 700mg of T so I wound up tapering it by gradually lengthening the time between doses. I dont remember exactly what I did but I went from EOD to E3D to E4D.

Since you were using less T and masteron I really cant even venture a guess on a good way for you to do it.