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Hello everyone, I hijacked my girl's account because I just want remain anonymous with these questions. I am a male in my mid-thirties who is an athlete. 205 lbs, 6'0'' and about 12% bf. I have read William Llewellyn's books and much of this website (I was a member when it originated, and have old 'hard' copies of Testosterone magazine...last issue had an article about Thai blow-job bars and gear being legal but one pill of X and you might spend a lifetime in jail). Also, Caveman's thread Grateful is the greatest thread in T-Natty history.

Okay, so here goes: I am having a very hard time deciding whether to stop my SERM and take an AI. I am currently on month two of 400 mg/wk Test E, 400 mg/week EQ and 40 mg/day of Nolva. I know T Muscle bubbas are not EQ or Var friendly, but it works for me. Mild experience with gear.

Llewellyn states to avoid AIs as it has an adverse affect on cholesterol levels, more so than running with no AI or a SERM. The more I read, the more I get the impression that AIs are for bringing in the heavy guns if SERMs do not work and one needs to stop ANY aromatization due to swollen/puffy/painful nipples...that a SERM should (could?) be run, allowing estrogen to form, but not bind to breast tissue receptors. Am I wrong in believing that estrogen is good for athletes who need lubricated joints, and that AIs are very rough on joints?

I am just concerned that if I run an AI and not a SERM, that I will be depriving my body of desired estrogen for an athlete (while taking the Nolvadex, so I am fairly covered, not 100%, but better than just running alone). Are the joint affects of an AI not as bad as I am making them out to be, and do I really need estrogen that much? I also want to keep producing natural testosterone, and believe that both AIs and SERMs assist with this, so the option of running alone is not going to happen (I have Nolva, Clomid, and Exemestane (Aromasin).

I see in threads that people are staunchly opposed to not running an AI at all, but wonder if that is BBing specific (which is odd to me considering how valuable good joints in BBing are). Also, I am currently experiencing zero puffiness/itchiness/pain in my nipples, and am thinking about lowering my Nolva to 20 mg/day.

Thank you for your assistance, I really appreciate any gouge you can share.



Ai on cycle. Serms in pct.


Bitch tits are worse than a temporarily damaged lipid profile


if run at the right dose it will lower oestrogen but not completely get ridn of it, with out it oestrogen will be to high, wether its to high or low the effects are the same- negative


I used to advocate SERM usage simply because they were more commonly available. But now AI's are simply the better choice. During a cycle of a strong androgen or a post cycle where you have a full system restart occurring...you simply do not want to introduce synthetic estrogens to the system even at low doses, it will affect the full restart (PCT).

20mg of estrogenic compounds a day is never something to ignore no matter how specific in binding it was designed to be, I assure you that both clomid and nolva have noticeable estrogenic effects in the mind. Clomid is the much more serious offender due to its relative weakness per estrogenic activity, it also causes noticeable physical non traditional estrogenic sideffects, eyesight abnormalities being the primary standout, these eye sight changes are unacceptable in my opinion as they are permanent after time.

Proper bloodwork to check liver values should be used, it is cheap and effective. A day or two of nolva can be used at the beginning of the PCT if heavy oral use was prolounged during cycle; simply for the liver values is worth it but you also cover: our targeted binding activity (full HPTA restart) and specifically protecting chest area receptors in the nipple area. Estrogen or estrogenic compounds (SERMs) will also often help greatly in liver value recovery in the shortest period of time.


Westclock and others, thank you for the reply...much appreciated.

So, Mr.Walkway stated that aromasin should be dosed twice a day...with the pills I have, triangular 25 mg Geneza, it is very hard to quarter them so that I can split 12.5 mg in half so that I can take twice a day. Also, with all the talk about sleeplessness caused by the AI, is once in the morning (with fats) enough to suffice or am I missing the boat if I don't get my razors out to quarter the pill? Thank you again for your assistance...AI on, SERM post.