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Serm or AI Length


For some of the more knowledgeable guys out there, what is the maximum length of time one could use a serm or AI for estrogen related sides. This is for someone who does not go off and runs a low dose of 200-250mg/wk of test E between cycles, so estrogen management could potentially always be an issue.

My biggest worry is that staying on for too long would increase the amount of the serm/AI that one would have to take in order to make it as effective as a lower dose had previously been.

What do you think?


There has been discussion on here of Arimidex at .875-1mg/week being taking indefinitely to control E2.


I have read that as well. I am worried that the effectiveness of adex would be reduced over time, however.


I can't see there being a reason for increased tolerance to the AI, as you're suggesting. Bill or KSman could probably be more definitive about it, though.


I have never heard of this happening.


KSman recommends 0.5mg/w split into EOD doses for low normal E2 maintenance (off cycle) and Bill Roberts endorses a similiar Letro protocol (Also off cycle. I forget exact dosage. Something like 0.25mg EOD??).