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hi ppls. i posted a jawn a lil while ago, it was a roid cycle proposal. got shot down cuz im only 19 still er w.e. As i wait and pass through the most anabolic stage in my natural career, should i b taking an anti-estrogen. like am i allowed to do that, is that a good idea? I've used 6-oxo b4 and found it somewhat helpful. Could i take tamox .5 EOD, sumthin like that?(and then not the 6-oxo). Idk if i want to stifle estrogen at this point or not. sorry if this is under researched or dum or w.e. thnx p.s. i train hard and eat clean n need to get bigger real bad.


As a matter of opinion I don’t think SERMs (drugs such as tamoxifen or Clomid that act to block estrogen from receptors and in tissues such as the breast don’t act like estrogen themselves, but do act like estrogen in some other tissues) are performance or physique enhancers. While they do increase testosterone, this doesn’t seem to come to anything. Neither a positive nor negative effect seems to occur on the physique. This is opinion; I can’t say it’s proven there could not be some small effect.

If you have your estrogen levels tested and they in fact are on the high side, then letrozole, which works by actually reducing testosterone production, could be tried. A low dose should be used such as 1/4 of a 2.5 mg tab every other day, or if in liquid, about 0.36 mg per day. It really would be best to test estrogen levels after a while to make sure they are not dropping below the bottom end of the normal range, or if libido drops off or there are joint pain problems then it should be assumed the dose is too high. Discontinuing for a week and then trying half the dose would be reasonable. If you don’t want to be bothered with the testing to see if you are in fact accomplishing something positive and not negative, then at your age I wouldn’t do it. It is not as if you need such tricks for good gains.


please work on your writing, I found it pretty hard to understand what you wanted because your bad English.
not talking crap just saying alot more people will take you alot more seriously if you dont try to write how you talk (something I am very guilty of myself)
you mentioned at the end that you need to get real big real bad.
please dont be impatient.

take your time,dont expect things to come right away by taking whatever supplements or drugs.
the risk for taking much of anything at your age far outweighs the rewards you will get in return.

Right now the best thing you can do IMO is keep things simple,

do simple heavy compound lifts

as far as things that will be anabolic for you ,nothing beats food.
every few hours stuff yourself
walk around eating beef jerky or nuts between meals
main meals 1/4 - 1/2 pound of meat and then fill the plate with things like fresh spinich,brocolli steamed vegies have a baked potato on top of that smothered in melted cheese

drink a quart of milk with your meals and atleast a gallon or 2 a day of water not liquid but water anything else you drink is on top of that
if your eating enough food,the only supplements you really need would be fish oil and a good multi. vitamin and thats about it. don’t waste your money on supplements spend it on food.
if your not growing then eat more keep eating more until you do start growing,just work really hard to ensure it will be lean growth and not just some kid eating alot getting fat.

and also ime 6-0xo = shit and 6-0xo + tribulus = double shit just a little hornier

and in the mean time,stick around here and read all you can
ask questions,yes you will be flamed sometimes just deal with it ,we will not pussy foot around if you have a really dumb question then we will call you on it.
be respectful and curious and you will learn a lot.

but I promise you follow these simple suggestions and you can pack on some serious size before you even choose to,or not to do PEDs


[quote]rogueathlete79 wrote:
p.s. i train hard and eat clean n need to get bigger real bad. [/quote]

You need to know that EVEN with AAS - it still takes YEARS mate, proper years.

All they allow one to do is eat more calories and protein, which is actually used rather than excreted/stored,they allow one to train longer and actually recover - and they allow most of the work you put in to add to gains. Without, one must learn to pace oneself - which is very frustrating when one is undergoing a task that takes so damn long anyways (think between 10-20 years for most).

Your testosterone level is at it’s highest as you know - and to add a dose of AAS to that will not produce the same rtesults that you could get if you waited 4 years. Not to mention you get drops in metabolism around 18, 21, 25, 30… etc… ech time allowing the dilligent and patient trainee to bump up in size wwhile adding little fat.
Honestly, the main growths in size in me have followed this pattern - rather than the pattern of AAS use.

You are in great shape, my advice as an experienced AAS user and trainer of natural or otherwise clients, is to keep eating clean, keep training hard and consistently and just wait a little… at least till you hit 21 (2 years is fuck all). During the next two years learn about AAS and their function and use - so you don’t get a desperate trainer shoving little understood compounds down your throat (you look like a candidate for that kind of behaviour…)

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