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SERM on Cycle, Help


I want to make this quick and easy. Currently on 4th week of cycle.
test e 250mg/ml
mast e 200mg/ml
npp 100mg/ml

.4ml test+1.3ml maste+1.3ml npp 2x/week
half a caber day after shot and no AI use because mast seems to be working its magic but I do have it on hand…

I’m more concerned with my fsh/lh post cycle so I want to make sure my protocol is okay and after reading some stickies thought about changing it.

I’m not sure yet if I can do HCG because I still live at home (lol laugh away) I’m a student. so I was gonna do nolva 20mged with clomid 25mg ed for about 6 weeks. If hcg is in the mix ill do 1000 M/w/f. Now, would it be smart for me to do nolva eod 20mg during the rest of my cycle to keep fsh levels in check or lh (cant remember, maybe both?) I’m looking for a response from one of the og’s hopefully ksman.

Thanks guys.


A SERM won’t prevent HPTA shutdown. 2 forum members have already tried this and got bloodwork done.

HCG will maintain testicular function. Use it.


what does living with your parents have to do with using HCG?


Tbf storing it in the fridge once mixed did not go down too well with my parents first time round lol