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SERM Dosage Recommendation?

I’m four months into my TRT. The first three months I was a patient of a brick and mortar clinic that would only administer one shot a week. I switched to a telemedicine clinic so that I’d have the flexibility of self administration. Starting around the end of December, I felt a small BB sized lump behind my right nipple (nothing on the left side). I knew what it was, but wasn’t panicked. It has since grown to about the circumference of a dime, with a bit of thickness. My question is, should I go ahead and start taking a SERM or just ride it out until my T to E2 ratio stabilizes?

Look into Raloxifene

60mg a day for 10 days and then 30mg a day until the lump is gone.

Thanks for the reply, Danny. Would that dosage apply just to the pill form? I’m considering the research chemical, which is in liquid form.

Sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t even realized you responded. I’m unfamiliar with the liquid form. I’d ‘assume’ they would be the same but definitely look into it first, just in case.