Seriousness of Cheerleading

This is for all of you that question cheerleading as a serious acitivity. Monday night, my stunt partner from last year was stunting with one of our best stunters. They were doing some crazy stuff that only a few people in the nation would be able to do. Well something weird happened and she kicked him out of the stunt and she came down on her leg. She broke her tibia and fibula in half. that shit was sticking out of her skin. she didnt cry or panic or anything. Shes the toughest friggin girl ive ever met. All she said was crap i hurt my leg. And when the doctor started to set it she said, it kinda hurts when you do that. Thats a friggin t-vixen if i ever saw one.

Weaker sex! That’s what I say! NOT! <:) Not very many could go through something like that & not freak out. I’d probably cry if that happened to me, or I’d me going “NO! PUT ME UNDER!PUT ME UNDER!!”

Serious cajones or just plain shock.

Tough chicks are cool! And she’s one tough chick! I hope she’s okay now?!

compound boot top fracture… OUCH! That’s worthy of rugby! grin I hope she’s doing well… and that they gave her some good stuff for the pain!

How can any one doubt it being a sport? Takes a damn good mixture of static and dynamic strength, exlposiveness, flexiblity, coordination, and as you’ve illustrated, an ever present threat of injury.

Hate to admit it but it really does take a good athlete to compete in cheerleading at a high level. Just look at most top level cheerleaders, they often possess the type of bodies other athletes would love to have. Goldberg, I hope your friend recovers quickly and fully. She sounds like great chic.

Damn straight women are tough!!! Why else would we be the ones having the babies??? If it were up to men, populations would’ve ended years ago. Hahahaha. Seriously, though, most chicks ARE tough in one way or another.
I hope this girl is recovering well and that you guys are all making her recovery more pleasant.

She had surgery on tuesday and gets to go home today. They said it was a perfect break and that she should be able to walk on it in six weeks. They said she should be able to stunt again in 3-6 months. Shes fearless so im pretty sure she will go back to her high level of performance very quick.

Hey Goldberg, how many cheerleaders do you hit it with? let’s say on a weekly basis.

Goldberg - PLEASE encourage her to do exactly as the doc says. Yeah, I know it sounds lame, but boot tops can take forever to heal and if she doesn’t take it easy it will never be quite right again. The longer she rests it, especially at the beginning the faster she will get back to 100%. I had a partial boot top a few years ago, and it was a miserable few weeks, but I was able to walk after 4 weeks, 2 weeks sooner than they expected. I think that was due to tons of calcium, tons of water, and staying off it every minute I could.