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Seriously, Why Flameout?


I need someone to explain this to me. I see recommendations for Flameout all the time. I know the importance of Omega-3s and stuff, and I actually use to get Flameout. I've tried to pay attention to things here and there, and only get a science lesson when I try to read Biotest's explanation.

I guess I don't understand

1.) Why/how it's so much 'different' than a generic store-bought Omega 3 (and quadruple the cost,)


2.) Why some claim it's the most important supplement. If I'm taking an Omega-3 every day, along with getting copious amounts of dietary fats each day, is it REALLY that big of a deal?

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Yes, duh, I've used search. I just don't understand why Flameout is 'better' and more expensive than any other Omega-3 supplement I've come into contact with, truly.


look at store brands. Look at the EPA/DHA content. Flameout usually equals numerous servings of store brands. By the time you do the math it's usually equal, if not in favor of Flameout.

Not to mention since supplements are loosely regulated, are you willing to waste your money on a brand that could be down right lying to you on the quality or amounts?


Read the label - it's heaps more concentrated, and has a token amount of CLA in it as well. Roughly 10 regular fishoil caps is equivalent in total omega-3 to 4 Flameout caps (and Flameout has, as I said before, CLA).


Flameout is designed for inflamation and the male athelete who is prone to inflamation. If you don't have any inflamtion problems then generic fish oil is fine IMO.
I like Flameout, I alternate between the two as Flameout is expensive to ship and tax. If I lived on your side of the pond, I would take Flameout everyday.


Would like it - but wouldn't fork out that much cash! (Biotest products are expensive in the UK)
I currently buy omega 3 liquid and evening primrose oil cheaply and mega-dose.
Sure, CLA would be a nice addition but from what I've read the research regarding the fat-burning properties of CLA aren't that conclusive. So I can live without it.


How would I know if I'm inflamed?

I mean, I'm totally swole after a workout. Does that count?


If you get the same amount of DHA from another product which is a quality one (no rancidity issues etc) then you can do fine with something else, though consuming more calories in the process.

But if you are making the comparison just in terms of grams of oil then this is not how the comparison should be made, and you would be coming up short.

For comparison, not knowing specific outcome in advance, I picked a very-good-reputation other company in the nutritional supplement business.

Per capsule, their product contains 156 mg of DHA. Flameout, per capsule, has 550 mg of DHA.

Their product sells on the Internet for $11.95. To have nearly (not quite) as much DHA as you have in a bottle of Flameout, you'd need three of their bottles of 100, for a total cost of $35.85. Not counting shipping, which isn't free.

You can get a bottle of Flameout for $29.95, with free shipping.

So Flameout is not in fact more expensive than that product to get the same amount of DHA. It's less expensive.

The other product does have more EPA, but we believe the ratio in Flameout is correct.


I stick with an easy alternative: eating salmon, trout, mackerel, and sardines. It's cheaper and far more enjoyable.


Great post.

Carlsons makes a DHA supplement that is comparable and much cheaper, like half the price.

Helps me save money buying that, and I can spend the extra on Superfood.


I believe the CLA was included for anti inflamtory affects, not it's fat buring affect.
I feel your pain with shipping and tax. I managed to get some at what worked out to be £22.50 after shipping and taxes etc... with a good exchange rate and bulk buying.


If you had read the Flameout page in the store I think you would have gotten your answer. It talks all about the DHA content, etc.


Bricknyce wrote:
I stick with an easy alternative: eating salmon, trout, mackerel, and sardines. It's cheaper and far more enjoyable.

Interesting. I may do this.

Thanks for all the info anyway, guys.


Its a very high quality product among many lesser competitors


I've tried Flameout and carlson's. Not that Flameout is bad, I usually just stick with carlson's though cause it's more readily available. I love the oil more then the capsules for some reason to. Mmmm orange flavor.


Not readily available? There's free shipping. You don't have to go anywhere? On the other hand, the website I use for fish oil (although I am a Biotest fan) provides a bulk bottle of equally potent fish oil for 1/3 the cost per serving (equalized for EPA and DHA content), although it doesn't have CLA in it. I do have to pay for shipping though.


Does Bill or anyone else know if the oil in Flameout is in the natural triglyceride form? this is why I use Nordic or Crayhon stuff..



Unless, you're Shamu, I highly doubt you're getting an equivalent amount of DHA just from eating fish as you do from supplementation. Maybe you don't need to or feel you don't, but the great likeilhood is that you're not. As far as prices, I have found cheaper substitutes than Flameout. But none are so concentrated with so much DHA (or EPA for that matter) per pill.


I don't know. I would not worry about it either way however as the body hydrolyzes fats to free fatty acids anyway, and the usefulness in the body of DHA and EPA is as the free fatty acids, not as being part of a triglyceride.


True in almost every case. My source pretty competitive though (concentration wise) - 55% concentration of EPA & DHA in the same ratio vs a fairly comparative 67% concentration of the two omega 3 EFAs for Flameout. Biotest makes a good product though, and it includes the CLA which is nice. That's one great thing about Biotest stuff including SWF and Recovery, Superfood, Receptormax, hopefully Anaconda etc... in that they eliminate the necessity to take/mix so many different things for the same purpose. You can often go cheaper and still get the quality, but it would require some serious hunting around for different sources of each key ingredient and figuring out if you can really trust that company or not.

If you don't have the experience to be able to make that decision, then I don't think it's worth the gamble. I've wasted thousands on shitty products in my day, and could have saved all that if i'd gone with Biotest - the risks are limited. To each his own.


Is it workoutworld? That's the only place I could find Workout Fuel - which CT has persauded me to try. Damn thing cost £52.49 so it better be good. Oh, how I do envy our American cousins sometimes!