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Seriously Ref? BS Basketball Ejection


You know how a ref had a good game? You do not fucking notice him! High school game below, kid dunks over defender and maybe looks at him. Insta-tech. Are you fucking kidding me? There was no prolonged "touchdown-dance" celebration. Then, as he's walking down the court, he gives a brief "salute" to the bleachers. Again, insta-tech.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Whether you agree with his "expressing himself" or not, how the fuck can you defend this type of refereeing? This kid deserves to get EJECTED for this?

Bullshit. And yahoo missed the mark by not reporting the egregious calls.



I've been reffing for about 6 years, and I've done high school for 3. I can tell you with certainty that a lot of my coworkers do it because they were terrible at sports and they like feeling like they have some power in some kind of athletic event. Clearly this guy is a douche or was just having a terrible day; I've seen the latter with good officials on occasion, but normally it's just the former...a bunch of idealist assholes that think you can play a sport at a high level without emotion.


As a UL fan, this one really, really chapped my ass. I hope you had the pleasure to see this one before today, because it was one of the nastiest dunks of the year. That he got a technical for looking at the guy is astounding to me. We're talking about a guy who never says a word and is about as unassuming as a good player can possibly be, but he gets T'ed up for looking down at a guy who just tried to undercut him on a dunk. The people who oversee officials in the NCAA need to grow a pair and admit when their guys are wrong, like in this case. Oh, and Bobby Knight can kiss my ass after all the bullshit he spewed about that play.


While not a U of L fan, I live in Kentucky, so I watch their games often. For Kuric to be T'ed up for anything is astounding. He's probably the most well-mannered player Louisville has, and to penalize him for playing remotely aggressive is BS.