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Seriously Now


i just saw lee haney, who is/was massive, db incline press, only 100lb in each arm, and was struggling at 12reps, you could tell, that old strain in his neck/jaw, he was fatigued. he joked he could do 100s, but couldn't. so, how come he could lift so little? i've seen people post about 350lb benches etc


you incline bench less then you flat bench, and you dumb bell incline even less then you barbell incline its much harder with dumbells, why dont you give it a try for 12 reps and see how easy it is :wink:


Besides the first response which was absolutely spot on.

Also add in Lee has been retired for years and does not train as heavy or intense as he used to.

He is older, and is not on the massive amounts of Anabolics most competeing pros are.


What does the weight you're lifting have to do with it? It's merely a tool, it means nothing in itself.

And how old is Haney now? I think that's pretty damn good. You don't see many guys at all using that kind of weight for 12 reps.


It could even be that he's conditioned for low reps, so he has more trouble with 12 reps at any weight. That would again lead to a lowering in expected weight (along with the incline and dumbbells).


What a fucking stupid question.

How do you know that he hadn't just finished 10 sets with 200's.

Watching a person lift for one solitary set will give you absolutely no information at all about thats persons strength or ability.


12 reps with 100 pound dumbells is impressive. I can bench 350 like you say, but I wouldn't be able to knock out 12 reps with 100s.

How many reps can you knock out with the 100s Danny?


so u get me, this was an old video, not mid-aged haney, he was showing off, was in good condition, u get me? and i can incline press 30kg dumbbells no problem 12 reps or 15 or whatever. there is a massive difference in haneys size then and mine now- is what i'm saying. maybe my chest is stronger than the anciliary muscles ie delts etc. how much is that in pounds? i dont know.
good point kailash, i think that's it. and thanks for the insight helga, but it was the kind of video that leads me to believe he was well rested for his performance. guess i didnt expect any answer since lee's not here himself (?) just thought it was weird.


They say that Haney never went over 80 lbs on dumbbell rows. He competed in physique competitions; he wasn't trying to impress people with his gym lifts.

12 reps with 100s on an incline is no joke.



On the other hand, I can do 85's for 12 and I'm a pussy.



i hear u buffalo, maybe modest, but ok. the mystery will never be solved....


30 Kg is just shy of 70 pounds... Not exactly 100's.

Why not post the video?


Maybe we can get Encyclopedia Brown on the case so that you can sleep better at night.



Haha, that brought back fond memories.

Seriously, 100's for 12 is NOT a major accomplishment for any serious strength athlete, I know a large number of people that can do it without a problem right here at my university gym. 135-150 maybe would be an accomplishment.



I can do 100s pretty easily up to 6-8 reps. But in the 12 rep range, I'll get fatigued wether I'm using 70s or 50s. Guess it's because I've mostly been training with low rep.

Still, 12 reps with 100lbs dumbells isn't a great achievement. Winning Olympia 8 times is though, and that's what he trained for.


Was Lee Hanley a bodybuilder or powerlifter?

Note: Please note the sarcasm of the phrase between the stars. Thank you.


Maybe it has something to do with his fibre makeup? Fast twich dominant? But I guess then you'd expect to see him use more weight.




Isn't this really a question of body type?

I mean I could do 100lb db incline sets of 5 reps until I get bored. But that kind of endurance is rough for me personally. I train for my body type which is no endurance machine.

Granted I know that high reps is good now and again, but my best field is in high weight and lower reps.