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Seriously Need A Well-Suited Program


Hello, I'm very new to working out, I've only been at it for the past 2 months or so. Like most new people I just went straight to the working out part, not reading or researching, therefore I had no clue what a workout program was at that time. And now, I definitley need one.

My main goals are getting a bigger upper body for football, becoming much quicker for basketball and finally, having great stamina for soccer. When I started to research and educate myself on this topic I began constructing my workout plan..and that got me about nowhere. I struggled finding good exercises for myself, and I didn't even try and tackle the reps or sets portion, but anyways, it would be much appreciated if you guys would help me out a bit with my workout program. I know that is a lot of work and information, but if you guys could just make some suggestions on what you think on the matter, and maybe some exercises that would be great, Thanks.


This website is full of workout programs that are highly regarded by people who have done them. For your goals you should check out Chad Waterbury articles or Westside for skinny bastards by Joe Defranco. Whatever you do don't write your own programs. Wait until you have a few years of lifting under your belt before you prescribe your own workouts. Maybe someone here with more knowledge than myself can write something for you but I would defanitely recommend following a program from the authors here.


Yeah this guy... is on the Westside for Skinny Bastards program...


One goal at a time unless you want to hire a genius like DeFranco...


Thanks for the post. And well I'd want my stamina better first, because soccer is coming up first.