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Seriously Low Carb Bread


this stuff tastes great...check the nutritional content. I stumbled upon it at a local low carb store in the city I work.


Check out the Paleo Cookbook if you want no carb bread. BOOM.


The net carb content listed is impossible. This is a flat out lie. Sorry to break it to ya. Look up the ingredients individually on a food database and you'll see.


Wouldn't the best way to get no carb bread be to not have bread? Just an observation.


^^also, the calorie content doesn't even add up.

Fat: 1 @9cals/gr = 9 cals
Net carbs: 1 @ 4cals/gr = 4 cals
Protein: 12 @ 4cals/gr = 48 cals

Total per my calc: 61 cals
Total per them: 109 cals
Difference: 49 cals <==there are 49 calories that are unaccounted for, because they are carbs


No, the best way to not have bread would be to not have bread. If you are trying to avoid carbs and still want bread, flax bread is one of the best ways to go.


Fiber is sometimes (but not always) counted towards the total caloric content of food (as it is fermented by bacteria in the large intestines). You can then subtract it from the total carb amount in order to see the "net" carb count (or whatever they call it).


Come on. Use your head here. I'm not trying to be rude but look at the ingredients like I said to do already and you'd have the answer.

I doubt fermented fiber is what they are counting toward the carb count. Nearly all the ingredients are actually quite high carb ingredients (even if they are sprouted).

Kamut is the first ingredient in this "special bread." As an example, here's another sprouted kamut bread showing 17 net carbs per slice: http://www.thedailyplate.com/nutrition-calories/food/nutriforce/sprouted-kamut-bread

Is it so hard to think that the bakery made a mistake on the label by not listing the carbs as "impact carbs," and or is lying to deceive people too trusting/ignorant to know any better? This case is pretty much a perfect example of how the blind lead the blind with regard to nutrition in this country. There are people in this thread pointing out obvious flaws and the answer is still hidden somehow.

I just read over the ingredients again, and this product has wheat and wheat gluten in it anyways... this is no better than 8 grain, high fiber, or high protein (your choice) bread from the grocery store. All the varieties of bread I just mentioned are crap from a nutrition standpoint, IMO. At least this stuff is sprouted, but still...


OK, they're lying. It's interesting then that the calorie count when including the fiber makes the label claim accurate.

Good catch.


Umm, just don't eat bread. Plenty of other great carbs out there IMO.


Fiber = Carbohydrate.
Total Fat: 1g x 9cal/g = 9 cals
Saturated Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 140mg
Total Carbohydrate: 13g x 4cal/g = 52 cals
(Dietary Fiber: 12g)
(Net Carbs = 1)
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 12g x 4cal/g = 48 cals
Vitamin A: 0%

9+52+48 = 109 cals


^shakes head. How does that saying go about leading a horse to water? Hint: Look at the link to the other sprouted kamut bread that I posted, or do that same calculation with any other high fiber food.


No, I think I understand what your are saying in your first example, there ARE 17 grams of carbs unaccounted for in their 20 gram total. The first bread mentioned in this thread is 13 g of total carbs, 1g from sugar and 12g from fiber. I know there are many products out there with hidden carbs/calories but according to both of their packages Total Fat + Total Carbs + Protein equals both calorie counts.

The bread you referenced does have 17g "missing" from their label as far as the source of them, but they are accounted for in the "total" section. I'm not trying to cause a problem, I may not be seeing what you're saying. - MD


Damn, I apologize. I goofed and didn't realize what you were saying about the calculation of the 2nd bread. I just read where you put "fiber = carbohydrate" (or what not) and thought you didn't understand my previous point. Now I get what you mean.

Now to clarify,
Bread #1: Appears to have hidden carbohydrates and a vastly overstated amount of grams of fiber. There is simply no way that sprouted kamut has 1 net carb, as referenced by the example bread I posted. The #grams of carbs appear to be UNreasonably listed in this product.
Bread #2: Appears to simply have overestimated the calories by a bit by including fiber @4 cals per gram. The #grams of carbs appear to be reasonably listed in this product.