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Seriously? (Girl Beats Another Girl)


I can't believe it.

This world never ceases to amaze me.


I believe it. Blaming MySpace seems a bit silly. There have always been bullies. The fact that the new generation of them is stupid enough to film and broadcast their criminal behavior is the scary and confusing part.


This is what I can't figure out either. They deserve to go to jail just for being so stupid.


Is this the same video being discussed over in the Political forum?


That's simply disgusting. What the hell is wrong with people these days? I feel REALLY bad for the girl that got beat up. It was savage and cruel, remorseless and heartless. Every one of them should do some sort of hard time on adult charges.


That is messed up. Think if that was your daughter.


Those girls hit like girls.


According to the CNN video, she's (at least temporarily) now blind and deaf.


Yes. I didn't realize. I was too overwhelmed to search.


Yeah, she got hit in the head/face about a million times it seems. That defense attorney in the video is a total moron too. There's no way in heart that I could defend these idiots for what they did. They deserve the maximum possible ADULT punishment they can get.


that shit happens ALL THE TIME.. i dont understand why all the uproar


I don't have a problem with the actually beating, I have a problem with the motif.

Next thing you know guys are going to want to film themselves raping girls and posting it on redtube.com


Maybe that's the problem. People shouldn't be numb to this kind of stuff. It should be a big deal. I find it hard to believe any adult could watch that and not cringe



and This.

your too empathetic.

I didn't see her trying to kill her captors, she didn't fight hard enough. lol at "she even lost conciousness at one point", big deal.


"Don't hit the shelf!"


Bill O'Reilly: "... brutality almost beyond belief.."

WTF? If that's brutality almost beyond belief for Bill, we have very different ideas about interpersonal violence.


The defense attorney is the reason lawyers are seen as evil.



Though it's god damn disgusting, and if it was my kid I would beat the living shit out of those kids. Eye for an eye.


I don't know how anyone with a conscience could be a defense attorney - and represent, say, someone who is up for rape and murder when the evidence is obvious that the said person is guilty.


Exactly! She said it looked like a misdemeanor. Dear God...