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Seriously, F the Police


Seriously, if you're LEO, watch this, and then go fuck yourself. And then go fuck yourself again. And again. And again. And again.




Alright deen


Yeah! Go fuck yourself because a few people who have the same job as you did something terrible! Fuck yourselves!



It happens too often. Do you live in or near a big city?

In addition, it's a systematic problem when you have LEO audacious and arrogant enough to commit these crimes ON FUCKING VIDEO TAPE. Furthermore, it's "institutionalized" when you have fellow LEO witness said crimes, and say or do nothing to intervene. Finally, the retort from the Department is ALWAYS the same; "they were performing as trained".

Fuck em.


The problem never goes away, it just changes locations. People controlling people will always eventually come to a violent conflict.


Perjury and attempted murder. They punctured his lung. They should all be in jail.




edit: fuck it




The above-the-lawness, and pack mentality of cops goes beyond just beat downs in big cities, and for every one of those you hear about, there's a thousand others. My sister used to be married to a cop, and while in the rural areas we may not see the same types or levels of violence, I'm quite sure it takes place. Cops are just regular people.... but when they put on a uniform, they gain power, and just like any other power, it corrupts. Wether it's "victemless" stuff like drugs, minor stuff like traffic violations, or major shit like beat downs, and false reports, I don't think any of it should be a surprise to anyone. Most people cannot handle the type of power these police officers are given, especially those who would seek it out. Anyone can get a job as a cop... How many of them are really there just to make the world a better place? And how many of them are in it for the uniform, the weapons, the authority? How many of the former will maintain their virtue when they spend hour after hour, day after day, year after year with the latter?


Also, this should be here somewhere.


Seems a little harsh. I have never experienced anything to THIS degree, obviously, but I have certainly dealt with asshole cops. That said, I've also met plenty of really nice cops that quite obviously want to help people. When you're in over your head/desperate/helpless, I don't think there's anything better than a police officer who wants to help you. I don't think Mr Popular will mind me saying that he is about to enter the police academy; I plan to do so as well in the next year or two. I don't think we're bad people lol. I'm sure most people wouldn't say they envision themselves beating up defenseless people, but, well...I don't lol. I can't see myself ever doing something like this, ever.

I just think it's a little silly to apply one trait to every member of ANY group. It's not like one of the core principles of a police department is "strip them naked and beat them."


no no no... if you guys make it into the academy then FUCK YOU!


Maybe you won't beat up some defenseless person, but I can sure as fuck envision you standing around doing nothing and later lying about it while one of your fellow officer's does. If you don't believe me, please provide a reference of all the publicized officer's that turned in and/or testified against a fellow officer. Go ahead, I'll wait.


We agree then.


Working security for 3 years in TN has made me really not like 90% of the black people in this state soooooooo...yah.




Another isolated incident:

Shortly after HB12 became law in 2004, Ohioans for Concealed Carry began to hear horror stories about the way law enforcement had reacted during traffic stops. Motorcyclists were told to conceal their guns instead of carrying them openly (motorcycle open-carry then was required by law). Computers in some police departments generated a felony warrant indicator when processing a license plate linked to a Concealed Handgun License. This caused multiple police vehicles to converge on a licensee in order to perform a felony traffic stop.

Those days, for the most part, are behind us. They've been replaced with occasional stories of rogue cops who have abused the concealed carry law in one way or another. In 2006, Daniel Sayers was filling his gas tank and washing his windows at a gas station when someone called the police to report a "man with a gun" leaving the station. After minutes of dash camera footage showing a police cruiser hurtling through side streets and breakneck speeds, we watched as Sayers promptly pulled over thinking the cruiser was trying to pass him. Within seconds Sayers had an AR-15 pointed at him, accompanied by officers ordering him out of the car, despite a malfunction in his car windows and doors.

Police continually screamed orders at him. Sayers was eventually pulled from the car, handcuffed, and placed in the back of the cruiser. Later, he was charged with failure to inform police that he was armed and had a concealed handgun license. The fact is, Sayers was unable to notify.

The same events played out in Beachwood, Ohio when OFCC member Bryan Ledford was approached by an officer pointing a taser at him and ordering him to exit his vehicle. Every attempt Ledford made to communicate with the officer was met with a refusal to acknowledge Ledford's attempts to inform the officers of his handgun license. In Ledford's case, officers spent 30 minutes rummaging through his vehicle, without a warrant, looking for something with which to charge him, until it finally hit them: Charge him with failure to inform. They went to court insisting that 53 seconds had transpired between the time they engaged Ledford and the time he informed them, and that somehow this time frame justified arresting Ledford, putting him into jail, and charging him with a misdemeanor.

But none of this compares to the atrocity that took place on June 8, 2011 to a man named William who had obtained his concealed handgun license approximately one month earlier. Early that Wednesday morning, William pulled his car to the side of the road to let out two passengers, but only the female occupant managed to exit before the police pulled up and began screaming at all three parties. "Stay in that car, I'm not going to mess around," screamed one of the officers at the two people attempting to exit the vehicle. The driver and concealed handgun licensee, William, remained seated in his vehicle when an officer entered the rear of the vehicle.

William stated, "I have a concealed carry, and..." when he was abruptly told to shut up. Dash camera video footage shows the driver turning his head, and his voice can be heard, but the words are inaudible. A few minutes passed while the officer continued to berate the two passengers. He proceeded to the driver's side and tries to open the door but is delayed by a seat belt. ...people like you don't deserve to @#$%#$ move throughout public. Period!... William states "I have a conceal..." and the officer demands that he better tell the truth or else! This interruption causes William to "tell the truth" and his attempt to notify is interrupted. William exited the vehicle with his driver's license in the same hand as his concealed handgun license. He held it up for the officer to see, and the officer said, "Why are you having that?" This gave William the opportunity to say, "I have a CCW, and..." The officer then said, "Do you have a gun?" William answered yes, causing the officer to grab it from William's waist.

At this point, William was handcuffed and put into the police cruiser. The officer then started to berate William, stating: "I should blast you in the mouth right now ... I'm close to caving in your head." and "you're just a stupid human being!"

The remainder of the threats, including executing the licensee for "being stupid" must be seen in the video to be believed



Well FUCK I guess I'm already an asshole just because I want to be a cop lol