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Seriously Epic Pic


Big Lou with a wicked beard and Platz. Beyond classic, thought I'd share. Enjoy.


LOL Platz shows off his legs in nearly every photo of him.


Shit! I I would too if mine looked like that!! I'd have clear pants made, lol.


Platz had a damn stacked upper body...his legs just make it look small.

And Ferrigno had big wheels as well.....and Platz makes him look kinda small.

Serious fucking legs.


This is my favorite pic of Platz and my favorite cover for any muscle mag.

It has nostalgic value for me because I saw this issue in the library when I was 15 and it defined late 80s bodybuilding for me.


Those older Weider rags were the best....Muscle and Fitness and Flex were the same exact thing every month.

With a different cover.


yes. yes I am.

You just never disappoint.


do you mean the photo or inkcreep's avatar? Totally goes with the whole moody Halloween thing.


Lol. Yes, that was my Halloween avi. Gotta come up with a new one now I guess :wink:


Have no idea if this is true, but once read that Platz used to chew on a halved racquet ball to increase the size of his jaw muscles so his entire body would be proportional.


If that were true I think he should have done the complete opposite...Platz's jaw was quite insane.


In that pic Lou's arms are nearly as big as his legs.


Anyone for Lee Priest's calves?


Chewin' on racquet balls will do that.


Flash you want to chew on some balls?

You feeling okay.


Feeling A LOT better than ok Mr. Man (wink face).


As a soleugastro challenged person, that makes me angry!!!




Dude, you're jacked everywhere else. Don't sweat the small stuff!

By the way, what're you doing for calves?


I usually hit them 2-3 times a week with one seated and one standing move/ I go heavy and work in a variety of rep ranges.PLus I do a lot of high incline treadmill work. They come in pretty good after a while , but I have to fight for every inch. Plus I broke my fibula about 8 months ago and lost 3 freaking inches off of them due to ZERO lower body work and direct calf work.

I've put 2 inches back on in the past two months though, so eventually I'll get em growing. Just one of those problematic body parts for me that I have to prioritize, but as we all know they are boring as hell to work. I'm thinking about doing weighted carries with a safety squat bar while walking on my toes. That will throw in a conditioning element and not be so boring.