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Seriously Duder?


I had a trainer at the gym doing leg press behind me as I was doing hack squats. I asked him to leave his plates on after he was done as I was moving to that next. Never had an issue with this particular trainer. He is newer to the gym. He leaves the plates and tells me he is done. I proceed to add more plates and he asks me what I was doing. Tells me what was on there is heavy enough. Mind you he weighs maybe 165 lbs.

He then asks a few questions like my age etc. And then proceeds to tell me my calves have some nice development, but that my quads look small comparatively. Seriously? Who the fuck are you to tell me that?

So I rolled up my shorts. I always wear baggy shorts because I hate tight short especially when trying to squat, lunge, etc. Oh and here is a pic from today. Tells me my quads are small, to use lighter weight, and basically that I don't know what I am doing.


lol....... he didn't like them little sticks? Maybe he was just upset at how much stronger your legs are than his. Either way, you know what you're doing and can back it up.


He's right .... You look like you are riding a chicken

Epic wheels brother .... Should've squeezed his head like a zit


that dude is a moron. you can't judge a persons quads when they are wearing shorts. I have seen guys squat over 4 plates ATG and they have normal looking legs in shorts.

most trainers are not very stong at commercial gyms anyway


lol, great story. "Thank you so much for your advice!" lol


While more often than not, I believe that it's possible to get a productive session in with less than maximal weight, this applies more to the average gym rat who has no clue how to actually engage his target muscles despite the weight anyway.

You can't argue with results big man, unfortunately you're always gonna have armchair quarterbacks doling out advice to make themselves feel better.

Funny that he commented on your quads being "comparatively small." He must be an amazingly accomplished bodybuilder to be such an expert on physique development -lol.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the win. That is all.


WTF at the size of your traps. It looks like you have elephant testicle implants in their place.


Lol I know I need to work on legs more. And thank you sir. I just try my best to be nice.

Agreed, I have seen some big mofos squat some mega weight and they didn't look all that impressive in clothes.

I completely agree. I don't use maximal weight often. Stick to higher reps with fairly heavy weight and it has done me well.

I know I just often am at a loss for words to these people. They seem to be everywhere.

He has a training certificate and trains old women. He obviously has the credentials and know how 0.o.

My traps have always easily grown. My main method of growth is very very heavy shrugs. Works amazingly well for me.


no kidding. those traps look like they are connected to his ears.


I don't have a neck or so everyone tells me.


And other leg if anyone cares.


Now that's what I call leg development


Nice development, Bauber.
But honestly, dude: that trainer must've really gotten to you.

Why not make nice next time you see him and give him a rib-cracking bear hug?



Dude, your traps are scary.....


exactly. Or put your arm around his shoulder that ever-so-gently moves into a headlock and a noogie.


Lol not really I just don't get it. I would never tell some random guy that even if his legs were small. I mean it would be like me going up to Ronnie Coleman and telling him he needs to use less weight and that his quads are small.

I shall have to do that and see how long it takes him to squeal.

Scary is what I am going for =D

It would be more fun to gorilla press him and toss him into the kettle bells.



Gym etiquette has changed. I have had people take weights off the machine I was using while I was sitting on it twice in the last few months.

The number of people literally walking randomly around the gym not even working out has grown.

Too many people spend more time in the locker room "changing" than they ever do training.

I go to a pretty good gym with some monsters in it.....but I know exactly what I'm getting at the 24 Hour fitness down the road where most of the elderly people go.


It has changed big time. All the hardcore gyms are dying or closing in my area. It is kinda sad. Etiquette in general is going down the drain. I think it is wide spread and not just confined to the gym.

For sure on that a lot of folks just use it as a bar or social time.

There is one gym in the area that I frequent that has some more hardcore stuff and some bigger guys in it, but they don't have certain machines I like to use. Sometimes I just wish people would keep their mouths shut and leave me be with my music and weights.