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Serious Water Loss! WOO HOO!


OK, it's been a week of dedication. Wake up early, hit the gym, eat as right as I can (or as right as I ever have) and only had one candy bar. No food after 6PM, GALLONS of water, kicked the iced tea habit. No sugar, no salt, nothing white (no bread, no crackas, no rice, no potatoes, etc.)

I know this is water and it's not fat. But I've lost 15 pounds! My pants are loose! My pecker grew a 1/16 of an inch!

It's going to be hard, because I am going to expect this crap all the time. One pound wont mean anything to me. Well, it will, but you get the idea.

Oh, and before you get all smart, I weighed myself at Yellow Freight with their digital scale. Only difference was at first weigh in I had on work boots and today I had on Reeboks. Same style jeans & Dickies work shirt.

Great start, thank you Lord. Yet I got a feeling that the next 115 are not going to be this easy.

I AM UNDER 4 BILLS! (fade out to "I'm too sexy" by right said fred)


The best day of my transformation to this point in time far was when I could look down and see my dick again.

I've read your posts thus far but have not as of yet posted in response - I think you have found a very good method to keep yourself accountable in your regular posts on your experiences and your progress. Keep it up brother, the effort that is.


if u start as heavy as u did (yup past tense bro), and lose it right, odds are you will find yourself fukin hyooge when u get down to a good weight... do it right and don't be tempted to go too fast, or in the long run you will have to bulk up again some day, which is so counterproductive.

oh and well done bro, try and maintain about 4lbs a week for the next while, with your mass, that should be possible...


Way to go!

I have lost almost 50 lbs in the last four and a half months (preganancy weight) and it was worth every sacrifice, every workout and every boring meal. Seeing that scale drop week after week is exhilarating.

You are on the right track and I'm really looking forward to hearing the progress. Keep doing what you are doing until your results slow down, then start making small changes, one at a time (i.e. cut out one more food, increase cardio time, etc.)

By the way, I doubt that that was all water weight, I'm sure some of that would have been fat.


Dude, you are funny as hell. I do hope you stick with this. It will get tougher the longer you do this, but many scientists believe that it takes about two months of repetitive action for it to become habit for most humans. That means your milestone will be at two months. Don't give up.


Hell no, I'm not going to quit! It's not fun, yet, but I'm starting to like it. It just feels so strange to pick up 10 and 15 pound dumbells. I was the fat guy down at the end of the rack using 90s and 100s. Now I'm in the girlyman section, where all the weights are in the wrong places and people work out IN FRONT OF THE RACK!

I noticed the farther down the rack you go, the more disciplined people get.

Beginners: Weights are not in the right place, two of the same weight are NEVER together. Form sucks. Facial expressions suck. Work out right smack in front of the rack so nobody can get any weights until they are done.

Intermediate: Weights are somewhat together (in pairs) but not in the proper place. People work out a step or two in back the rack, which still makes it almost impossible for anybody to pass (espically me).

Pros: Everything is in the right spot. Everything is paired. Work out on the bench, like you are supposed to. Not that very many people are going to come near you, but you still leave room and you even look forward to a bigger stronger guy to watch his form. Oh and form is textbook.

I'm still using 35lb dumbells for my bench :frowning:

I'd rather be the weakest freak, then the strongest rookie.


Congratulations and keep it up! I thought your posts were a joke or a hoax at first, but now I believe they're real. Keep up the great work.


Since you prefer to go by the name "Fat Tony" I'll call you that and give you props for the initial effort. Beginning this journey is an amazing pain in the ass, though once you begin it only gets better when the results begin to show. Keep us updated on your progress and the best of spirit to you my man.


We will have to re-name you one the transformation is complete.



Good shit. Keep on going dude.



Great going! I know personally how daunting having to lose 150+ lbs could be. Now 12 years later and at a great weight and lifting -- I feel great!

Keep up the great work and I will pray for your continued success and health.


PS. I have already started calling you Tony in anticipation that the first word of your monicker will soon not be necessary! :slight_smile: