Serious Thoughts on 2nd Cycle Plan

So I’m planing I guess you’d call it my 2nd cycle I ran d bol at 25mg a day split doses for a month no ai or serm and a natural test booster as pct but for my first real cycle I want to go with 500- 600mg test e a week single injection and run d bol kick start 30mg per day split doses for first 2 weeks then 2hours b4 work out for 2 weeks I plan on running the test for 12 weeks exemestane eod 12.5mg through out cycle and pct obviously I’d mega dose 25mg if any e related sides pop up pct I’ll add in 25mg ed osterine for the first month n a half then eod for the last month n a half and run through a 2mg vial of igf1 lr3 assisted by natural test booster might even do a little mk667 towards the end of pct

Does this sound well planed? Or is there something any one would suggest I do different I don’t think I’ll completely shit shut down from this so I’m hoping I can get back to full natural production in 3 months

i reckon bugger off the SARMS, just do with a nice simple and easy 12 week test e, 500mg a week cycle and if you want chuck in the dbol for the first 4weeks dosing that at around 30-50mg, if it were me id leave the aromasin, just have it ready, you may not need it.

PCT, go nolva 40mg a day for 4 weeks the natural test booster probably won’t do a whole lot but can’t hurt.

also get bloods done before and after.

also I’m pretty sure there is a beginner cycle pinned thread here somewhere, I’m sure I’ve missed something

wont ask for source good there but my major concern is pct I mean I know everybody goes novela Clomid but shouldn’t aromasin alone work better if the point is dropping e levels to start t production couple that with some tribulus mk2866 and igf1lr3 are just sparring