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SERIOUS supplements question

My wife and I are both in the Army and we are both in Iraq at this time. (unfortunately we are separated by 100 miles of war torn country…) My question is more for her concern. She wants to work out and loose her body fat, while retaining the LBM she currently has. Here is the catch, the food here is horrible so she does not eat a whole lot. I would say maybe 1000 cal/day max! I was thinking about sending her some Hot Rox along with a protien shake such as Grow or Isopure. Please give me some direction on this matter. Thank you very much!

Jrunr, first off, thank you to you and your wife for serving our country!

Second, I don’t know how much your wife weighs, but 1000 calories a day is not much! It could be driving her body into a fasting state which’ll make it harder for her to lose the fat and keep what LBM she has. And, if she’s in the Army, I can’t believe she has that much fat to lose.

Some specifics as to height, weight, approximate BF% would really help.

The recommendation for caloric intake for women while on Hot-Rox is 15 times bodyweight, if I remember correctly.

If she’s having a hard time eating that amount already, then I’d lean more toward getting her some Grow to help add to her caloric intake. Grow is an MRP, not a protein drink, which is a good thing since it’ll help her get the calories she needs.

Then, get her on a good workout routine (check out the FAQ), and she should see some results.

i’m not sure the conditions you are under but i would guess that the high stress levels are causing some high cortisol levels. Hot-rox will definitely work, but the goal is much harder to achieve in less then perfect conditions. Maybe a cortisol blocker like phosphatidylserine from Prosource would be good. I usually take 550mg before i workout. As far as protein goes that should be a staple supplement in any persons life. even though i don’t recomend taking protein bars in this case the convinieance factor might be really worth it to have some food when you really need it. be safe and come home soon. laters pk

Mike: Ok. She is 5’1", 125lbs, and she is at about 24%bf. Unfortunately, for the past few months, not much has been done in the way of PT… Anyways, she said she has calculated her caloric intake to anywhere between 1600-1800 calories per day. All coming from MRE’s and T-Rats… (nasty stuff) I hope this helps!

if she is getting that many calories then it is enough for fat loss. the way i calculate it 125lbs x .76lean mass% x 15kcal/lb gives you 1425kcal. as long as she is getting enough protein then she should be fine. The thing is to keep the metabolism high which is difficult to do if you don’t train consistantly. the hot-rox will help but wont be as effective. laters pk

Best wishes Man to you, your wife and mates on TG day!!

I don’t have an answer but, I just wanted to say thanks to you and all the others over there. Please share this with everyone you can. Thanks again.