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Serious Shoulder Problems

Two years ago, I had a Grade 2 Separation in my right shoulder (ac joint). I thought it fully healed and never got physical therapy. NOW, 3 months ago i had serious pain in my bench presses… so bad that i had to stop and go home. I went to the best sports physician in town and he labeled it as “chronic arthritis” and sent me to physical therapy. The therapy has done nothing, and i had to stop becasue it costed too much money… I am at the same point that i was three months ago: Any motion of me reaching straight ahead for something is painful in my shoulder, any motion pulling backwards like a row is painful, and lateral raises are extremely painful. I am 18 and my weightlifting has absolutely gone to hell, and i am the smallest ive been in 2 years. This is supposed to be the best weight trainign years of my life, and i cant do anything… Instead of sets of 185, i now do sets of 85 on the bench press because of the pain. Do any of you that have had shoulder injuries, or practice medicine have any suggestions for me. Summer is coming and i look pathetic… i dont know what to do PLLEASE! help me.


Head onto your yellow pages and find a Massage Therapist that specializes in Muscle Release Therapy or Active RElease Therapy. Should solve your problem in a matter of weeks.


Go get active release done on it. As long as there is no serious damage, it should be resolved quickly. Call 719-473-7000 for the closest provider.

I don’t know about shoulder “separations,” but I’ve been dealing with an inexplicable shoulder pain for about nine years now (I’m 25). For me, it’s a sharp pain on the top of the inside corner of my left shoulder blade that strikes usually when I reach straigt forward or to the side. I initially saw a family doctor who sent me to a specialist who administered electric shocks to determine it was not a pinched nerve and sent me home. A sports doctor didn’t know what it was, but gave me some useless exercises to do. A physical thearapist used trigger-point thearapy, heat, and strange exercise equiptment to heal and “re-train” my muscles one summer, to no avail. Visits to an acupuncturist were okay - when I was able to go regularly. As soon as work picked up and I couldn’t go every week, I was back to the same pain. Recently I tried massage thearapy, and although my arm still feels weak, the pain has greatly improved. I saw her only once about three months ago, and I still feel the benifits. She also gave me something called “Boifreeze” to use instead of the Tiger Balm I used in the past. I’m not sure what I think of that. Good luck and just keep trying different treatments.