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Serious Shoulder Pain


Right shoulder has been hurting a while.
Mostly overhead pressing and sleeping on it.

Suddenly got much, much, more painful after heavy squats, heavier then I'm used to. Lateral raise motion is extremely painful.

On Naproxem, ice, fish oil, and rest until I figure out what's wrong.



I had the same symptoms and went to the doctor yesterday. Said it was likely a labrum cartlage tear. Hope yours is something less serious.


Foam Roll the heck out of your lats. I had some shoulder pain (dull acheing) in my right shoulder and none in my left. I had some serious pain while foam rolling my right but none in my left. After I was done, the pain melted away.


RICE. Good doctor.


You are most likely out of balance. It makes sense that it hurts during pressing. STOP pressing. START pulling and working on stabilizing the scaps and externally rotating the shoulder.