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Serious Question


so serious question, you have two options:

A) For the rest of your life you get to marry and fuck the hottest girl you'll ever meet. She'll serve your every need and be the most supportive faithful woman on the planet.

B) You get to climb to the top of goat-tower and get a good view from there, no more than 30 seconds though.




How high is the goat tower?


And what does this aforementioned tower overlook? Also, would it just be me or are the goats up there as well?


& I'll fuck many unsupportive chicks thru my teens an 20's then marry the 2nd most supportive chick and enjoy the fights from time to time.

I'll never get to see that Goat Tower again in life though.


Few get to see from the top; no one speaks of what they have seen, but they forever spend the rest of their lives hoping to reach that apex once again.


It depends who has climbed to its apex


Damn, tough choice.


I'm down with B then. Hot chicks eventually get average, plus I'm not sure if you intended that whole marriage thing as a plus. The only needs I have are waiting on sammich delivery and having my hand chalk girl around on deadlift day. But goat tower............... oh, the potential.


It's a trick....get an ax.


"The Goat Tower at Fresh Prince farm is a landmark in the Paarl winelands of South Africa"

Might have to reconsider my choice, seeing as it was built by Will Smith. Kind of takes away from the mystical nature of it. I picture it being painted many bright colors and very non-offensive to everyone.


I choose b.

Unless I can substitute AQ for the hot chick.


I still Pick B. Hell I can always look up old pics of Christine if the Goat Tower is a bust.


the tower you seek is not in South Africa; it is but an inferior reflection


Scratch that. I go with "A" so long as I can sub four60 for the hot chick.


Cool, got swapped for a hot chick.



A) Your serious question is multiple choice. It can't be that serious if I can flip a coin to get an answer.

B) It's not even a question. Questions are more like:
-----Will the hottest girl I ever meet fuck me back or will she just lay there?
-----Will she distinguish between wants and needs?
-----What kind of goats are on the goat tower?
-----What is stopping me from choosing option c)?


I lol'ed.


Can we use the goats horns as handles?


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