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Serious question - what do the bikers wear under bike shorts?

This question is for any bikers out there. What do you wear under your bike shorts? Anything? I wear a jock for all athletic activities, but wearing my jock under the bike shorts isnt wonderfully comfortable though the support is excellent. Wearing nothing under the bike shorts is more comfortable, but not enough support. Should I just bite the bullet and wear my jock under em, or is there a better idea?


When I was rowing, we wore spandex all the time because most other stuff would get caught in the tracks that the seat went on & fuck everything up. I usually wore something underneath because I felt bare naked when wearing nothing. Here’s the sort of stuff rowers wear http://www.row2k.com/cgi-bin/picture_frame.pl?2002spring/EARC/V8MedalsHarvard.jpg
Luckily I wasn’t good enough to “get” to wear stuff like that. It’s like wearing pink: if you’re cool & you wear pink, it makes you cooler, if you’re not cool & you wear pink, you’re gay, same with those sex suits (that’s what we called them). The girls usually didn’t wear anything underneath.

Try wearing a thong OVER the shorts.

Go commando! Actually, they’re made to wear nothing under them. If you need another layer, there are a couple companies that make cycling “underwear.” My personal favorites for bike shorts are the Performance Bike Century shorts – comfy, and relatively cheap. Assos is the most expensive out there, at something like $165 a set. Pearl Izumi is a good medium price company.

I wear nothing under always, not just when biking. Here in florida it can get pretty hot in summer to put on two layers of clothes around my balls – not too good for health.

Nick - lol. I usually wear boxers for everyday stuff (going to class, etc). but for hikes I need more support (briefs) and for any kind of athletic activity even more (jock). I guess with the bike shorts Ill try wearing a pair of sports briefs - more comfortable than a jock for long periods of time, and more supportive than the bike shorts alone.

Dude! I thought you were talking actually using the shorts to BIKE in! If you’re just talking about regular unpadded lycra shorts, then YES you should wear something under them (please). I was referring to the padded variety when riding a bike – meant to be worn sans undies.

I am using them to bike in… but they are not the padded kind. I find those more annoying than helpful… lol.

Why the samething a Scottmans wears under his kilt. Lipstick. :wink:

I find a few old ham & cheese sandwiches from 7-11 are good to wear against the skin to prevent chaffing, especialy when its hot outside