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Serious PIP First Cycle Advice?

Hey bros, im searching for some more experienced thoughts. Ive started my first cycle of 500mg test e dosed twice a week using pharmacoms 500mg per ml. Ive been having bad tinderness and heat coming from the injection sites. ive been pinning with 25g 1/2in darts, im on my second pin first in quad second in glute do you think my problem is because the injections are subQ and the concentration is high af? Or im just having a bad reaction to the gear? Ive went out and bought 23g 1 1/2 darts from my local pharmacy after my second shot

lol. no thats quality gear and I’m on it. Did the exact same thing as you. First cycle and way to0 high of dose test. Ass hurt like a mofo. I bought some sterile GSO off alpha labs and dilute my shot. Add .5ml of GSO in the barrel… then add .5ml 250mg of test. Shake it up, and inject twice a week. Zero pip. Big gains.

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Ouch. Yeah, that’s the problem. These big concentrations are murder.


So you dont think going IM instead of subQ will help the pip at all? Ill look into the GSO rn this shits ridiculous

Nope. It may even hurt more. Your best bet is what pipmaster said. Cut it down with some GSO (or other carrier), filter it (do not skip this step), and you should be ok.

I think you maybe allergic to it. If you need my email address , I will email you to tell you where to ship for testing purposes.

And how would you go about filtering? And in the mean time anything i could do for the pain while waiting on the gso to ship?

Go on Amazon and buy a filter. Whataman .2mu should be enough (.22mu would work too, but go smaller if you can).

Filter even if its already pre filtered? Just bought some thats pre filtered online

It’ll cost you $15 and take seven minutes. Or you can trust completely the sterilization process that was done by strangers in China. Asymmetric risk. More aas users need to get familiar with that term and make it part of their life.

I got that GSO form Alpha labs and didn’t filter. Everything is fine so I’m you guinea pig I guess.

Thanks for the help guys ima give the grape sead oil a try. Let yall know the results when it comes in

I go IM so don’t know about the SubQ pain.

So update sunday i did a pin with the new 23g 1 1/2 darts in the delt went an inch and a 1/4 in and injected little to no pip today. No where near as bad as my glute or quads sub q