Serious PC Bullshit

This is an extract from another website. It was posted by a contributer from England. I have no idea whether it’s true or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. UK posters feel free to set me straight if this is bullshit:

“I’m an Englishman and very proud of the fact. I just wish my fellow countrymen were the same. Over the course of the last 20 or so years we have had any pride in our country and its flag driven out of us.
Do you know that in some places in the UK people have been told that they can’t fly the St Georges cross or the Union Jack above their house because it could offend the ethnic minorities???”.
Can anyone on this board imagine if they were told not to fly the stars and stripes because it may cause offence to minorities? Seriously, are we (Western nations) sowing the seeds of our own decline?

Not English but living in the UK. The Union Jack and St Georges Flag (English Flag) got to some extent wrapped up or hijacked by the National Front and racist groups in the eighties and early nineties. However in the last few years it has moved away from that image. Particularly the St. Georges Flag, due to better expectations and performances of the England football team.’

Although I’m unaware of any definite laws, I can easily believe in the areas of recent race riots that flying of flags may be viewed as increasing tension and would be removed. I think the younger generation don’t associate the flags with race as much as those that experienced the heights of the race problems some years back.’

With regards the US, I certainly believe that you have got one thing very right, in theory anyway. That when you move to the country, to call it your home, you accept it’s laws, it’s ways, it’s language and it’s flag. Whilst I agree to be proud of your orginal culture and birthright, there is not much point in trying to export it with you.

Fly your flag with pride. If it offends some foreigners, they should have stayed in their own country with their own flag.

It would be one thing if ONLY the flag of the country someone is living in could be flown. Since I have never heard of a law like that, this is bullshit. No one is preventing a minority from displaying their flag, so why can’t somone fly the flag of their country? God forbid someone’s feelings might be hurt.

There are places where being 'PC' has actually helped our society. This is not one of them.

Actually, I’ve read that at some universities in the US, flying the flag (from dormitories and so forth) is banned for the exact same reason: it might “offend” foreign students. The same sort of thought processes and philosophies exist in the US among some people on the left.

It is very true. Until about a year ago I was working as a geography teacher. I started work at a new school, and when I put displays up in my classroom, I put a Union Flag in the window.

I was “asked” to remove it by a senior member of staff the following day - when I protested I was told the school had recieved complains from residents across the street.

I took the flag down, but I also quit my job. I’m doing something just as rewarding now, without any of the “PC” bullshit attached. I’m proud to be British. I am disgusted by the attitudes of people who move to Britain seeing it as a “Safe Haven” and a free society - then start complaining about national symbols.

Tricky, I can see your point about the Union Jack as being seen as a NF symbol. Still, I can’t believe people would allow a small, insignificant minority group to affect a national icon’s image. I guess there would be a similar stigma attached to the old Confederate flag in the US. But the Union Jack is a legitimate national symbol and I would fly it anyway, regardless of who told me not to. It seems to me that we are bending over backwards trying to make every other cultural/ethnic group feel comfortable in our own nations! When people come to our countries to start a new life, why are they coming here? Because it’s better. Surely they’re the ones who have to change to our way of life. When in Rome…

This PC CRAP needs to stop. Geez if you don’t like our nations flag stay in your own country. Geez! Get a life!

What’s the point of having a sovereign country if you’re so afraid of offending some crybabies that you can’t fly your own flag?

This is depressing.

O.k horses mouth time, i’m English and lived thier all my life and do not consider myself Brittish just like the jocks and paddys (Scottish, English)dont who are very nationalistic about thier own nations. The St. Geoges cross carries with it a sterotype of the football hooliganism, larger lauts(beer drinkers), and mostly racism beacuse it was a symbol of the national front and B.N.P who are effectivly Englands right wing crew.
However it just so happens to be the flag of my country and beacuse of this people think you go round beating up Asians and starting trouble at football matches which is true for only a minority. As far as i’m concerned the Union Jack is a flag for the middle classes who wave it a the Wimbledon tennis tournemnt which is renoud for it’s snobbishness and they can keep it and their fucking strawberrys and cream, bollocks to um!

you can’t do X becasue it’ll hurt their feeeeeeeeelings, you can’t say X because it’ll hurt their feelings. F that. Now since when does proclaiming the greatness and love for one thing mean hatred or disrespect for another? We are a T-less society, not U.S., the world. I like Diet Coke, do I hurt the feelings of those who enjoy Pepsi? F this.

This shit makes me angry, and if anything makes people MORE nationalistic and xenophobic. When are these politically correct, left wing @rseholes going to butt out. It seems every other culture in the world can disrespect ours yet it’s our fault because we didn’t do enough to except them. Yet when we disrespect their culture, we’re rascist. And the UN can fuck off as well. Giving Australia a hard time for locking up illegal aliens-“No, they’re refugees! Locking them up is a breach of their human rights!”. I’m sick of this shit-who are the UN run by?Africans, Asians and fucking European Socialists. I’ll tell you what you fucking third world despots, fuck off and solve EVERY SINGLE humans rights abuse in Africa and Asia and then come back and criticise us.

Here’s the scary part.

Human psychology of a great number of individuals is such that in “game” scenarios being studies with actual money involved, they will use up their own money to destroy money of others in the game – over 20 cents
to destroy each dollar of another’s money.

And when it comes to Third World countries, the psychology of many is such that they would rather that the masses be yet poorer just so long as a small number is not allowed to keep the wealth they have earned, it being such a great virtue to keep them from having their money, than have the masses do better and a small number do very well.

In other words, they genuinely prefer greater misery for everyone just so long as the misery is more equally spread. Rather than be happy that some do well, they are angry.

Case in point? Zimbabwe (the former Rhodesia.)
I assure you that the liberals are very happy that the land of the white farmers was taken away. It is their psychology. Even if they know that the masses will be worse off, the pleasure of seeing the white farmers lose so much is worth it to them.

After all, if someone will use up his own money for the sake of their neighbor lose yet more of his, how much sooner will they use up a second person’s money to destroy the wealth of a third person?

To Jay…

lol exactly Jay (on the coke-pepsi analogy). The PC Gestapo os always out to arrest those who do not conform to their “tolerant” beliefs. Tolerant…LOL. Yeah and I’m the Prince of Wales :wink: I think this preaching of so called tolerance has gotten to the point to where they are not tolerant of those that disagree with them. Maybe they need to gaze into the mirror and see the intolerance that they themselves preach against.

To Apollo: I hear you man with this womera shit, these bastards are illegal immigrants who are supposedly refugees “in fear of their lives”, “suffering in their homelands with nothing” but somehow mange to pay $10,000 dollars each for these people smugglers to get them here passing other alternative legitimate destinations on the way. Legitimate refugees my ass, then they riot and destroy the camps costing us tax payers more money, yeah I really want these people in my country, they are really going to contribute to our society! I work in an area in Sydney that is mostly lebanese , arab etc etc, honestly most of these migrants cant speak english I have trouble buying stuff in shops cause they cant communicate, how can you be a productive member of a society if you dont speak the language? If you decide to move to a new country the responsibility is on you to “assimilate” into it. Not doing so just causes more and more seperation and distrust between the cultures, the Govt should make it mandatory for all migrants to be conversant in the native language. Do you know that most retail shopping centres in Australia now connot even display sign saying “Merry Christmas” because we might offend our middle eastern migrants, Well I’m offended by fucking “Seasons Greetings” its christmas! WTF they knew the country was based on christian values (not that I’m religious) before they got here and they are allowed to celebrate Ramadan (sp) and nobody asks me if I’m offended by that!!, Political Correctness has gone insane when nationals of the country have to change their behaviours so as to not offend the new arrivals. Man something has GOT to change. Has anyone else noticed that it always seems to be the “christian” based nations ie: Australia, USA ,UK that bows and scraps to the arab or muslim nationals? Do you think if we moved to lebanon we would get away with half the shit they get away with here? Sorry for the rant people but it just pisses me off big time…

To Martin…

Yup if you’re a Christian you get the axe. If you are anything else then you got rights. Kinda funny eh? The PC Gestapo has gone totally out of control. First off it is pathetic to insist on “not offending” others by displaying Merry Christmas. Who are these immagrants to tell me I cannot celebrate my own holiday? GEEZ! If you don’t like it go back to your own country.

Second the language. Ask yourself this everyone: Is it more realstic to have everyone in an english speaking country (for example) to learn 200 different laguages or have the immigrants learn one language? Give me a break!

I come to your land, plant my flag, and conquer - You are all now loyal subjects…A hundred years later, somewhere else, I visit the Eiffel Tower and remark that the Sears Tower or CN Tower is taller and that the statue of David’s hand is too big…The declining tax base and aging population means we now need immigrants to ensure we can pay for defense and other expenses. BUT immigrants come here, I think, and have been sensitized to a certain degree to think that ANY flag waving or show of patriotism, is the same as the type of crude tribalism I was trying to describe above. Maybe I’m way off, but I’m just trying to put myself into their shoes.

Bill you were on the money with your post, but I think the term is ‘lefties’ rather than liberals. The credo of the left wing seems to be “equality”. They confuse equity (fairness) with equality. Everyone being equal is not necessarily fair. I always thought that the vast majority of third world refugees would be better off in another third world country-but the UN seems intent on spreading the misery.
Martin, I really sympathise with you. I couldn’t hack living in Bankstown-it wouldn’t take me long to climb the nearest water tower…

To Martin…yea not only can you not get away with being offended by their (Arabs) beliefs but heck it is ILLEGAL to carry a bible in any of those Arab nations. If you do you can be jailed (or worse) for doing so. Then they come over here and expect us to hide our nationalities and relegious beliefs? Hypocritical I must say.