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Serious Pain in Palm of Hand...

I just stood up from a chair and I used my hands to push off the chair and a very sharp, localised pain shot through the bottom portion of the palm of my hand extending somewhat into the wrist area as well.

I would suggest that weighted dips were the culprit, but I have not done weighted dips in months. Nor regular dips either(they were hurting my elbows)

So I am thinking maybe it was doing push-ups? I usually use a push-up bar or I do them on my fists sometimes, to mitigate wrist issues, at least, that’s what I thought, perhaps that is giving my wrist a problem? Otherwise, If I do regular push-ups palms out it doesn’t hurt my wrist at all, but perhaps that is what has aggravated this?

The pain subsides very quickly, and it doesn’t hurt doing anything else. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be?

every once in a while that happens to me during pushups, but its always gone the next day. Very weird feeling indeed, especially when you have to stop after like 5 reps cuz the pain is so intense, and then its just gone completely the next day.