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Serious Medical Condition - Help Needed

Members of T-Nation,

I have a serious matter on my hands. My brother and I started prohormones two years ago so that would make him 17 yrs old and myself 18 at the time.

We used the methyl-1 pro hormone (P-Plex) for a month, at the dose of 15mg daily. Since then our side effects are severe acne, belching, inability to digest foods & gain weight, loss of chest muscle, feeling of low testosterone, depression, anxiety and many more symptoms. Our overall health has declined since taking these hormones.

Members, even till this day we are experiencing these symptoms. Can anyone provide us with advice??

I appreciate your time.


Brian & Lucas.

  1. stop using
  2. stop posting
  3. dr. appt

[quote]SkankerMD wrote:
3. dr. appt[/quote]

Ask to see a specialist - an endocrinologist, not just your family physician - and get FULL bloodwork done. Feel free to share that bloodwork with us for further discussion if you wish.

How long did you use them for? - it could be that you had a particularly weak HPTA to start with (the both of you, being brothers) and it has been quite seriously compromised from the suppressive pro-hormone.

It could also be totally unrelated - stresses from other sources etc… bad diets… genetics would be covered in the first paragraph really - with genetics determining Test levels attainable naturally and how recovery is post cycle.
Belching is not likely to be a side for an example of the problem being dietary - at least in part - As belching has nothing to do with Testosterone or the other related Steroid hormones…

I second the bloods - you really need to see what your hormone levels are - Total Test, Free Test, LH, FSH, Estrogen etc… the lot ideally, a full hormone blood panel.
If you live in the States, it may be cheaper to order a blood spot test from an online source.

Best of luck


DOCTOR. See him soon. And by soon, you should have gone yesterday.

I suspect no PCT, so damaged HPTA and estrogen rebound.

Bloodwork would be a good start to confirm this.

Should have just been natural …lol


It was me that recommended you post here instead/in addition to CT’s thread. I am sorry for a lot of the useless responses above (amoung decent ones). Normally a post like yours does not attract newbies with useless comments. Please ignore those.

A full hormonal panel with the tests brook alluded to as well as thyroid TSH, free T3, and free T4 would be in order. Prolactin would be a good addition too. There are only certain labs that will give you an accurate E2 reading. PM KSman with the link to this thread. He is rather good at deciphering lab results as are others here. KSman can also refer you to decent labs for these tests. He could also refer a competent Endo since most have no clue.

This should well be reversible with the proper treatment.