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Serious mass push

Guys, Hello. I am on the cusp of starting a very serious mass push, and I would love some experienced advice. I am 6’1, 207, about 12% fat. I do add lean mass fairly quickly. I have three new bottles of Tribex on my desk, a new olympic-class bench and barbell set in the garage, and a fine new set of dumbells and a jump rope. I have Ian Kings leg (limping) and Strength (Phase I-IV) exercises printed and put in a 3-ring notebook, along with T-Dawgs diet. In one week I begin the program, and then I am on my way. I’m in good health and react quickly to medication, so what do I do regarding Nandro and Andro? I want to get the maximum gain from my effort and am willing to use a smart combination of supplements/gear to get the most from my hard work.
Bottom line is I am damned excited about getting ripped, and want to thank all of you guys for making this site so very worth the time I spend on it. Our physical health is so valuable, and it is so fine being strong and big. I want to take careful notes of my progress and give something back to all of you guys. What’s the path? Deca? Other?
See you in the pageant,

I’m confused, Jerry. I don’t understand your goals. You talk of a “mass push” and “maximal gains”. That means you plan on getting big, right? But then you talk about the T-Dawg Diet, a cutting diet, not a mass diet, and use the words “getting ripped”, another term for losing fat. So what’s your goal? Please don’t say lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Lastly, the “path” is diet, not deca. Or at least you should get that aspect taken care of first, then worry about drugs. Clarify these things and we’ll help you out.