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Serious Issue - I Love Ground Beef


How amazing is this stuff, in the last 48 hours I've

Giant ground beef avacado burgers

Ground beef with sesame teriyaki noodles

Ground beef with scrambled eggs

Ground beef and marinara sauce.

Ground beef with Mac and cheese.

Ground Beef with mushrooms and sauce

Ground beef and potatoes fried in EVOO.

Ground Beef with BBQ, lots and lots of BBQ.

And its so damn cheap, i walked out with 20 lbs of ground beef for under 20 bucks the other days, ah the joy of going to the grocery early Monday mornings to cherry pick the discount section as they bring out meat.

How are you guys eating your ground beef ?


Is ground beef mince meat?


I always love a good taco salad with a couple pounds of ground beef, some salsa, jalapenos, noodles.

Thats good shit miroki


Yes, Stephen.

Ground beef is pretty amazing. The prices which you speak of are only for the really fatty meat, though. I've been chipping away at my 80:20 beef for the last 12 hours, but I really don't like the taste of the fat. I'd rather use leaner meat and add in my own choice of oils.

I wish I could give you a new thing to try your beef with, but you really have all the basics covered.


Actually a lot of what I got was 92/8.

But it cheap and freeze it in large quantities.

And taco style, great idea !


this is mincemeat

It should not be confused with minced or ground meat.


I eat it with pretty much any type of noodle. I like to put in some marinara or alfredo sauce, depending on my food plan at the time, or sometimes just some butter with the noodles and some ground beef to keep it simple. Ground beef is a big part of my diet most of the time, I love the stuff and you can put it in just about anything.


Yeah, it's crazy versatile.

Some of those ideas sound really good right now.


1# - 93/7 ground beef
7 sliced green olives
7 sliced black olives
diced sun-dried tomatoes
goat cheese

when it's cooking, coat lightly each side with A1.

Fuckin' YUM.


hahahahaha, i really thought this was going to be the gangster kid starting a new thread about shanking, im happy to see a thread thats really about beef


chili anyone?


what, no love for the bison?


I get the extra-lean ground beef from our local grocery store. I then fry it all up in a huge fry pan and dump in a bunch of cajun spice, black pepper and a pinch of sea salt. I then measure it out into tupperware containers and stick it into the freezer. Then as I need a dinner meal I'll get a bunch of roamine lettuce, cut/tear it up into a bowl, thaw my ground beef and re-heat and dump it into the salad and mix it in.

From time to time I'll dump a bunch of salsa on top with some Louisiana hot spice and reduced fat shredded cheese.


If I want to make it more of a cheat(er) meal, I'll get some low-fat sour cream and slap a large spoonful on top.

Damn, now I'm getting hungry...


1/2 lb. 80/20 beef burger
1 1/2oz. sharp cheddar cheese
3 slices pepperoni
3 slices hard salami
2 fried eggs over easy
smother in spicy brown mustard




Slow cooker 50/50 beef/bean chili over a little wheat pasta ...


Ground beef, green pepper, tomato sauce.
Sloppy Joe, there you go.
(I'd prefer ketchup, but shucks, there's a lot of corn syrup in that. Given my druthers I'd put ketchup on EVERYTHING.)


I've been known to fry up a lb of 93/7 pour some cheese on it and eat it with a fork, I am a fan.


Yesterday was my cheat day. I had 7 burgers.