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Serious Issue - Beef w/ Dealer


Alright so theres currently a serious issue happenning, and i know you people love to joke around, and go ahead if you want, but this is something thats serious and i gotta deal with it asap, preferably by tomorrow, so if youre willing to post some useful information than thanks.

Alright so today, i had a deal go bad. I was gonna buy 2 grams from him, but when i took the cash out (here we both take the item out but he pulled a fast one) he took out his shank, immediately put it to my throat and took it. He has around 6-8 ppl with him (people me and 2/3 of the ppl i was with had beef with before, but i didnt think they were tight or anything) It was only 20 bucks, but it was the only 20 bucks i had all month to spend on it. So then he starts walking away and i thought he was joking, so i like WDF gimmie my cash back. The guy didnt listen, hes like naaa bro its mine now. I was like WDF guy gimmie my cash back right fuckin now.

He goes to the plaza, so i follow him there. By now i had another friend walking with me too so it was like 5 of us. I had my shank (tinyass knife, like one of those swiss armies) and i had it positioned that if he attacks me with his then he's gonna get it. Hes sitting on a curb with 2 buddies, and im like you faggot send me my cash back this isnt even funny, i'll fuckin shank you. The guys like yo i didnt take ur cash, hey friends name did i take it? naa right, you, did i take it? naa see, i didnt take it. He was obviously lying right now and he gave the cash to someone else. I was pretty fuckin pissed right now. He calls up like 10 ppl, who once again come there and they do what they normally do, form a circle around u and be a pussy. None of these guys were down to fight they just say they are.

They all know he took it, they were there, but they were all bullshitting too and then they start walking back to school. By now im like really pissed, but its still a numbers game. My friend asked me if i was down to scrap, they'd all call up their boys and it'd total like 20 or 30 of us. I was likke yo, its 20 bucks, im not gonna make such a big deal over 20 bucks. They were like yeah smart. So then theres this one kid that runs the drugs at our school, hes friends with my friend. He gets the guy to come, and he talks to him. The guy that robbed it was like yo he has a shank too he was gonna shank me and shit, so the druggie guy was like yo u had a piece of it too, i coulda gotten it back but u were down to fight back so i cant do anything.

Later on, its me and 4 friends, and were in the drizzle waiting for the school busses to come for some of us, and this girl was giving me and my friend a ride. Were at the curb area in the parking lot, and we were near the smokers place where all the smokers smoke. Hes there with a few ppl that are smoking. The guy was such a pussy he talked to like the whole school asking for backup. He comes up with like 4 other people and hes like if u wanna scrap lets scrap or some shit. He brings up the OTHER GUY, the fob leader guy who we had beef with. Hes like at that time u made fun of his mom and shes like my aunty or some shit. Hes obviously lying and looking for a reason to start a fight or keep the cash.

He talks to this one guy that obviously has status and respect that was with us. Hes like a really good friend who even told me after that he felt bad he couldnt jump in and that he honestly was afraid of being stabbed. So muggerguy talks to my friend. Hes like yo he said something about his mom and i wanted to teach him a lesson, i might give him the money back. I was like WDF its not even about the money u pull a knife to my throat and u expect em to be prefectly happy about that? The guy and his friends just chilled around the area for the next hr while we were wating for rides.

Now i dont know what to do at all. I talked with a few people, theyre willing to make a scene out of it just to disrespect him. Like a good 20-30 ppl or more could easily come and destroy their whole crew, but then they'll come back with more, and we'll come back with more and it'll never end. Another friend suggested that i hide all my shit and get someone to snitch, but i was like seriously i dont wanan get cops involved and i dont feel good about snitching EVER. My third option is to just drop it and maybe jump him when hes alone one day or just drop it all together. Right now its not about the money, its just 20 bucks who cares, but its about how hes acting, how he pulled a knife on me and how he hides behind like 10 people at all times. What do you guys suggest i do? Joke around on this all you want, but if you have something serious to say pm me or drop it off here. This could escelade really fast to something really serious so i dunno wdf to do at all..


drugs are bad, mmmk?


next time don't buy illegal drugs... until you're older and bigger... and bring a gun, yeah that should do.


I didn't read all of that horseshit, but are you really prepared to stab someone, or be stabbed, over twenty bucks worth of what was probably oregano?


You're a tool.



Whatever happened to your friendly neighborhood drug dealer? Shit wasn't this real when I was buying slices back in HS.


Is this really the tl;dr version?

God I'm glad I didn't read that shit.

Stab someone and go to jail or forget it, because in a few years you'll be in college and fucking anything with pulse...

hmmm tough choice.

Dude whats your address? I'll send you $40 so you can NOT FUCKING STAB the next guy too.


1.) Drop it and leave it alone. There's a difference between chickening out and walking away. Learn this.

2.) If you feel like you need to do drugs, start being smarter about things. Learn to use your instincts in certain sitations. You'll have a good judge of character primitively, so let it guide you. If you can't find anyone who you're somewhat close to or know well to buy from, then you need to either think about who you're hanging out with or if your habit is worth it.

For the record, I've been doing this for a long time and have never been in a situation remotely close to this.


Grow the fuck up.


...or buy a bigger knife


Maybe he didn't like your haircut.


1) You're a fucking dumbass.
2) You should have know that this shit would happen as you are dealing with people who sell "drugs." Did you honestly think that they would be honest?
3) Learn to spell.


For the people that gave real advice, thanks. Thats what i was thinking, that 20 bucks isnt worth it at all. And i get it, those that are saying "oh you bought illegal drugs obviously this would happen" um fuck you if it was legal i'd get it legally then but it isnt. The guys i normally buy from werent here, and this guy was associated with one of the guys i bought with so i trusted him to some extent.


Seriously kid, get focused on better things.

I've been a pallbearer to more friends than you have years on this planet because of dime bag squabbles and egotistical bullshit like you get involved with.

I guarantee that if things are going this bad for you this early in life that they will not end well.


It is not the 20 bucks that matters here, you have been disrespected, the guy took a look at you and said this guy looks like a little bitch might as well steal from him. The guy took your honor, only one way to get it back...challenge him to a walk off.


Love that movie...


Seriously though I once shot at a dude for stepping on my brand new Pumas'. I mean they were fucking mint I had all the bitches jockin' me try to copy my swag and shit. Then thiss dude from nowhere was backing up in to me and step on probably the fliest pair of shoes you have ever seen. So I pull out my nine and told him to lick the scuff marks off. He was like yo dawg we can work this out. I was like hell no bro I don't hug that type of shit out and I just started blastin like in the movies yo. For reals it was awesome. You might have read about it in the papers or some shit.


Such as going to English class. It's been a while since I was 12, so I'm not quite familiar with what a WDF is, but I'm sure it doesn't impact the story.

Since you're not going to follow my advice about attending school, I'll just concur with everyone else to forget the situation altogether. The $20 isn't worth the trouble and neither is getting killed or going to jail over a couple of dime bags.


Funny story dude. But if you really did that you deserve to go to fuck me in the ass Federal prison. oh and fuck pumas. srsly


Dude they were sick and if you saw them you'd totally understand. I got them with the pussy magnet installed.