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Serious Inquiry

I’m a serious lifter who is looking for the “discontinued” 1-AD by Ergo. I have been training for seven and a half years and have some respectable personal records including a 315 lb power clean, and a 250 lb strict press. I’m looking to take my training and athletic performance to the next level.

Certainly no open-for-general-business supplement store sells it because it is now a controlled substance.

I suppose it’s possible some individual somewhere might have some he wanted to unload, but short of importing powder from China (illegal) that I would think is the only way to get it now.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to use presently because it’s not the slightest bit less illegal than any other anabolic steroid, and by itself not as effective as a good stack. However if you want to anyway, hopefully you will find your source.

Ebay bro. Look around. There was a link I posted not too long ago with an ad on Ebay for MAG-10. That seller also offers ergo 1AD and the like.

But I’m sure it’s “For Research Purposes Only” :slight_smile:

If you’re going to use a prohormone/prosteroid just save yourself the hardache, grow a pair, and do the real deal.

Sorry for the blunt nature of my post, however this is Testosterone Nation and I firmly believe in tough love.