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Serious Help! Nutrition Meltdown...

So I live in this house with about 4 to 8 other people, depending on who brings their friends over and everyone just eats whatever is there. I talking, if there’s food in the fridge in the morning, if it’s halfway decent it’s gone at night. Now this winter when I was eating 4000 calories, I took a weight gainer, and was a little looser with my diet, so it was ok.

Now that I want to shed this fat, I find myself not knowing what to do. I mean I can’t drink protein shakes for every meal can I? So I started eating way less, like 1300 cals or something and I started feeling fatigued to where I couldn’t even workout and my belly was getting fatter by the day.

So I have one month of living here left and I need some suggestions to how to eat healthy. I can keep milk, yogurt, oatmeal and vegetables and home, that’s it. Everything else gets eaten no matter what!!! I’m 6’ and weigh 200, I should probably be 185, so I’m guessing I need about 2500 cals?

Youre going to have to explain why you can’t man up and tell people not to eat your food. Unless you aren’t paying for it. Elaborate on why you let yourself get bitched around, maybe then this post will be taken seriously. Are these 4-8 people roomates? family members?

One solution would be to get your own mini fridge and put a pad lock on it. But for somereason I feel that laying down the law verbally should be enough to handle this situation.

or get a small cooler and lock it lol but if you lift…kick some mooch ass

Tell them to fuck off.

If I came downstairs and someone I didn’t know what eating my food I’d go ballistic.

Tell your roommates, however many you have that your shit if off limits. If they don’t respect that you need to find a new place to live.

I agree with the other posters to man up and teach those food-thievin bastards a lesson.

Pour some mineral oil into the drinks in your fridge…

LOL! You guys are great, and normally I’d agree with you but I live at my friend’s parent’s house for free. There’s a pool, a pool table, I get free cable, internet, they basically give me everything free(except food). And they have a two year old who gets anything he wants, including my food. So if I come down and start yelling at them, it would be bad. Trust me that’s why I’m moving out. Anyway, I guess I’ll just eat kentucky grilled chicken and subway. ughhhhhh.

So your paying them for everything that you get for free with food. Or do you want to pay $400 rent?
Subway is da bomb…

I cant even believe you’d allow this to happen. Seriously bro, if someone eat my food, they wouldnt like the shit storm that would come there way, anyway the people i live with are not retards and eat there own food.

Explain whats happens. You buy chickens beasts with the intention eating them, whats happens when someone eats them???

Do you say, “well theres my protein gone, oh jeez, suppose iii have to do without my quality protein” Smiles all round.

Now iii be cool with you, you need to resolve this situation friend, really fast as in right this minute.