Serious gyms in the VANCOUVER area?

Whether it be a powerlifting and/or olympic lifting place. thanks

theres an olympic training center in richmond i believe. they must have something for weight lifting there.

Great private powerlifting gym in North surrey/Langley area. group trains for IPF competion. Contact for more info.

Awesome , I’m in Langley, didn’t know we had a powerlifting club.

That is awesome. I’m in Abbotsford and we have dick all out here. Except a new Goodlife.

I quit goodlife when I moved back to the U.S. I miss always having free squat racks…they had nice ones too.

I heard that there is an olympic lifting club in Chilliwack, can anyone chime in on this… with something positive?

For Oly gyms.

Thank you Debra, definitely not noted on that site.

A fellow I spoke with at the gym described a garage gym in Chilliwack, but he could not recall the name. It sounded dingy and kick ass.

In hindsight I think he was referring to a cross-fit gym…