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Serious Forearm Pain, What To Do?

Hey guys,

Well I’ve been reading on T-Nation for approximately 6 months, started at a gym about 3 months ago, I already made some decent progress with my deadlift and bench press. Lately (last 2 weeks) I’ve had issues with my forearms though.

Everytime I do any kind of bicep curl (dumbbell, EZ-bar, robe) the outer side of my forearms start to hurt like fuck, it’s very painful. I don’t feel any pain when doing hammer curls though! I’m having a hard time figuring out what my problem is.

My wrists and forearms are not very big (yet :P), so might be due to the lack of muscle mass? I used to do some wrist curls, but now I get that same feeling of pain on the outer side of both my forearms.

As a test today, I tried to just do an ordinary bicep curl with dumbbells, after 4 reps my forearms were hurting so much I had to drop the dumbbells on the floor.

Any takes on what my issue is, and how to solve it would be very much appreciated.

All the best,

By the way: By outer side of the forearm I mean the right side of your forearm when you strecht out your right arm.

This topic was about sternum pain, but later in the thread we discussed forearm pain as well.


Hope that helps!


This happened to me too. I attributed it to having vastly out of proportion biceps to forearms. Curls are stupid.

I stopped doing curls entirely, and the thing that has improved my forearm size and strength more than anything else is heavy deadlifts and pull-ups.

Very interesting reading JF!

Let me quote something from your topic:

"It is a slightly elastic material attached to the end of the bones in that area. In other words, it can stretch a little (your long bones can also bend a little without breaking if you didn’t know which is why some people feel pain in their forearms when curling).


Prof X:

I still get that discomfort if I use a straight bar on a preacher bench and go pretty heavy. This is why I always use an EZ curl bar (supination allowing greater distribution of stress over the two bones in that area leading to less discomfort). It is caused because the bone is actually bending. The pain is felt when the bone “snaps” back to original form."

What I make of this is that my bone is actually bending when it tries to support the dumbbell or EZ-bar, and then snaps back. Solution to this would be going a bit softer on the weights and then let the bone and muscle mass gradually build up? And perhaps take a few things out of that ‘Massive Forearm and Grip Strength’ article posted and incooperate it into my current workout schedule.

Yeah thanks Mal, I’m already working on the deadlift :wink: - although I don’t see how you use your forearms in a pull-up?

[quote]nnngezz wrote:
Yeah thanks Mal, I’m already working on the deadlift :wink: - although I don’t see how you use your forearms in a pull-up?[/quote]

you don’t ‘use’ them so much, but the thing is, just about anything you do that involves holding weight in your grip will strengthen your forearms. Pull-ups require grip strength to complete and just hanging there gripped to the pull-up bar works your forearms quite a bit.

One thing I learned the hard way was to stop doing whatever is causing you the pain. I’m still recovering after more than a year because I didn’t stop what I was doing. Go lighter if you have to, a lot lighter, work back up. If you’re having pain you just can’t keep doing the same thing. Give it some time, progress slowly.