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Serious for the Last 4 Years


Been Training with weights since highschool, been serious for about 4 years.

185lbs +-3
23 years old

DIET- chicken, chicken more chicken, salmon, red meat twice weakly, fruits throughout the day, Greek yogurt, oatmeal&protein shake 3-4 times daily. I hate fast food, so I don't eat it. I try to consume on average 3200-4000 calories a day. Split between 5 meals ,160-200Gs Protein per day.


5 days a week.

Mon- lower body only
Tue- chest, tris, calves
Wed- deadlift, back, bis
Thur- OFF
fri- weekend warrior(shoulders, arms, Calves
Sat- long distance swim, crossfit style workout afterwords
Sun- every other week cleanup day (weak area training)

Just looking for some feedback.
im Humble, I can take critisism, I don't plan on competing but I'm not opposed to it.

Major lifts

BENCH- 335
SQUAT- 435
DEAD- 525


Front double Bi


The wheels


Back spread


Back flex






Not bad man, not bad at all.


Just curious, if you have been serious the last 4 yrs, what was your starting stats from back then?


shit man… not sure if I can remember what I weighed and lifted back then… i was probably around 170Lbs… squat was like 275, bench was 225 and I didn’t deadlift back then. But when I started Deadlifts my max was like 315


New update… been changing up my workout routine… trying to cut down some bodyfat… been doing more isolation and high rep range movents… big changes here to come


Tru flex




Back development


I’ve been realy trying to lean out. I’m curently down to 180lbs… my major lifts have gone down a little bit… but I’m focusing on definition. . So that is to be expected… if I had to give my BF% a rough estimate ide say 13% … anybody with a better eye can give me their opinions… ide like to be at 195lbs 9%… like I said, big changes coming soon… I’m going to keep this post going for a while… update my progress untill i reach my goal


Heh, I can say the latter, but I sure wish I could agree with the former!


[quote]matthew_gray wrote:

Heh, I can say the latter, but I sure wish I could agree with the former! [/quote]

Hahah I love burgers and shit that I make at home… but i seriously get nauseous when I drive by fast food restaurants and get a wiff… idk… maybe I’m crazy.