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Serious Female Bodybuilders


I think Renne Toney maybe bigger than me;)



3 and #4 look like dudes. The rest are just gross.


and #1


this is scary


Are you implying that the ones who look like dudes look good?


Vagina muscles that will tear your dick off.


No all are gross, but some are also dudes.


Renne totally has a shlong.


When a clit starts looking like a penis, it's time to be afraid. Very afraid.




They (with the exception of Renne, who looks like she could do top 5 in the Men's Olympia) all just look like small IFBB men.

I hope that sport does a nosedive, but not safely into the Hudson or anything.


Maria Calo looks as if she'd have a 5 o'clock shadow by the time the clock strikes noon.


It's a terrible thing when a woman can make a reference to her 20 inch guns without it being a joke, or actually owning weaponry. =x