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Serious Diet/Workout Help?


I need some advice from someone that has experience. I am fairly new to the gym (1 year) but have had a physical job my entire life until 5 years ago. I moved into a office position, gained 60 pounds and found the end of my rope in December of 2013 at 265 lbs. Since then, I have lost 35 lbs and gained a lot of muscle that I used to have when I was a field employee. Problem is, im stuck...for like 4 months ive been stuck. I even gained some weight back. Heres my bio'

-230 lbs
-33 years old
-currently low carb diet (30-90 grams a day depending on training days)
Thursdays and Saturdays I do a 45 minute HIIT class (functional fitness strength and endurance)
-I used to weight train 3 other days a week but since the low carb I can only hit once or twice other than HIIT. (hard to get up in the mornings)

The only suppliments I use is GNC wheybolic 60 (3 scoops post workout)

I understand it is a lot to ask but I am struggling to loose this last 30 and maintain muscle mass ive gained.

Thank you in advance for any help


How long have you been doing the low carb? Low carb diets can be great for fat loss, but there are plenty of different "versions" of low carb plans that work better for different people. What I'm getting at is, do you think you need to be that low?

So the only exercise you're doing is two cardio workouts and one or two weight training workouts, whereas you used to lift more often? I think we just figured out why you've plateaued. "More training = more fat loss" isn't necessarily true, but right now you're really on the far end of the spectrum in terms of doing the bare minimum for exercise.

It's not that hard to figure out even three good days of lifting to compliment the cardio work.

But really though, I get that it can suck waking up early to train, but tons of guys get it done. It's one part willpower, one part determination, one part telling yourself to just fucking do it because the results are worth it. Coffee, espresso, No-Doz, whatever it takes to prop your eyes open wide enough to shuffle into the gym.

And again, if we look at revamping your approach to nutrition, having some carbs right before and during your workouts would probably go a long way to helping this anyhow.


So you used to weight train 3 other days a week and you were making progress. Now you don't and you've stalled.


I would up your carbs on training days. If you're busting your ass in the gym you need carbs. I would look into carb cycling.