Serious Confusion

My cycle:
-Test Prop 50 mg/ED Wks 1-12
-Tren Ace 75 mg/ED Wks 1-11
-Adex .25 mg/ED Wks 1-12
-Prami .25 mg/ED Wks 1-11


  • Clomid 100/100/50/50/30
    -Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/20

I finally composed my 6th cycle along with the post cycle and am yet STUMPED again!!! If I want to run s4, should it be ran why I am on cycle or during my PCT or by itself? My goal is to really lean out the best I can with strict, planned dieting, “planned cycle” support, and rigorous workouts why at the same time bulking very lean.


New to the SARMS scene and really don’t understand them although I have been researching nonstop.

Would really like to her something on this topic.

I stay away from SARMS. No reason to use them IMO. You have real gear for that.

I wouldn’t use a sarm during pct. They may not be suppressive, or just minimally supressive…but that is in relation to a healthy and fully functioning htpa, not an already suppressed one. No need for them during cycle either, when you are using much more potent compounds in real AAS. I personally would only use them on a cruise/wash out period…or they are decent options for some people depending on their goals.