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Serious Bulking


here's my situation.

5'10 145 pounds

I have been lifting for a couple years but the last 3 months I have started eating more and only doing compound excersises.

I gained about 10 pounds (originally 135) but I have been at a standstill for the last month.

Day 1: Bench Press/ Inclined/ Declined
Squats/ Military Press/

Day 2: Weighted Chin Ups/ Dips/ Deadlift/ Inclined Weighted Situps/ Cable Woodchopper

I go about twice a week (trying to save as many cals as possible)

My max bench is 175
max squat 220

(been increasing pretty steadily)

I can definitely improve on my diet which is usually:

10- Chef Boyardee

12:30- weight gainer serving

2- subway roasted chicken

5- penne with butter

7:30- weight gainer serving

9:30-turkey sandwich

11- 3 glasses of milk

What can I change? What works well... anything easy to cook? What vitamins should I be taking? Fish oil?

My routines are pretty basic... anything I should change or try out? Thanks... I think I just need to switch a few things up to get back on track.

My goal is to get up to 175 in 12 months.

ty ty


Just some general observations and points :

  1. Work out more often.

  2. If you are squatting half way through a chest/delt workout you are not prioritizing your legs at all, hence reduced chance to grow over all mass and strength. On Leg day ( if you decide to change up your workout schedule) Hit squats. Forget your belt and keep a bench behind and make sure your ass touchs the surface barely and head on up. Basically to get you used to depth. And i dont mean a barstool!

  3. Take a look around the gym, most ( and please forgive the generalization ) guys that are large are also the ones lifting large weights. Deads , squats are beautiful bulking excercises . ( yes yes bench too)

  4. Having said that form is critical in both. Start light , get into the groove and then hit it heavy.

  5. To break through your initial hesitation in heavy wts usage, cheat. Hows that? Ok well lets say you use 225 for squats and you desperately wanna get to 315. One thing is getting your body/mind to understand that you are not gonna get stapled with that weight.

Go to the squat rack and start curling small weights heh No ! just jokes. Seriously though load the bar up with 265 lbs. Get under the bar , get it on your shoulders. Take a step or two forward, till you can basically lean the bar against the rack and start doing calve raises. Add more weight on a weekly basis.

Same thing with Deadlifts, Rack pulls. Just add more weight than you deadlift and use the reduced range of motion to acclaimate yourself.

  1. Easily one of the best foods to bulk with is Beef and Paste.

Buy one of those "logs" of beef that they have at the super markets. Should be around 2 lbs or so of it.

Buy lots of Pasta.

Buy some pasta sauce .

one of the easiest meals to prepare. Pm me if you need the exact procedure ( that is if you dont know how to cook it ) Keep it in your fridge.

Hope some of that helps.


stalling for a month is no big deal. my experience is that although your workout and diet may be planned and progressing linearly, growth doesn't come so evenly . more like it comes in chunks. when i've felt i'd hit a plateau and thought my work and diet were in order, the missing link for me has always been more sleep.


1) Save your calories by not doing cardio, not by not doing weights.

2) Find a decent program on here, look at either CT for split training or Chad Waterbury for full body workouts (personally I'm a fan of Chad's training and have made some serious gains (20 lbs in the last 5 months).

3) How many calories are you eating? Calculate at least that, not necessarily nutrient breakdown. Just the amount of calories in total! Be precise... You'll probably find you are NOT eating enough (yes, yes, I know, you are are eating all day but trust me, until I worked out how much I was actually eating in calories I had no idea how little it was!!!)

4) Get plenty of sleep. As many hours as you can before 12. Minimum 8 hours, if you can get more, then do it!

5) Stick to the above 4 rules and you will grow. Note: point 2 should be done for however long is in the program (i.e. 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or however much is stated). Once the program is complete, do not repeat it, change to another program, and then another, and then if you really want go back to the original.

As Swivel said, growth comes in spurts. I grew 20lbs in 5 months, but for almost 6 weeks of that I had completely stalled. Guess what. I wasn;t eating enough! :slightly_smiling:

Other thing, if you search in the "Building a Better Body" forum, you'll find a thread I started with some Excel sheets on it, those are trainign programs, download them, print them and take them to the gym, it will make things easier!

Good luck!


got milk? got eggs? your not eating enough or working out enough if you are not eating all day your not getting enough, I have a hard time as well getting all the right food and plenty of it, beef! eggs! dairy! as one once said if it had a face eat it


Good job on the first 10. Set an alarm for every 2-2.5 hours to eat. Eat protein with every meal. You look pretty close on your schedule. Biggest concern, your first meal is at 10:00...and it's Chef Boyardee.

For the next 6 weeks lift at least 3 days per week and begin every workout with squating or deadlifting.

Good luck!


How old are you? Have you tried supplements. My first year of serious lifting (20 years old) I went from 165 to 190 in about 8 months. I used creatine w/grape juice and ate just about everything that moved. Also, compound exercises are good and all but you need to isolate the muscle groups to get them to grow. Burn them up and let them repair. That's what makes them big.


id work out 4 times a week instead of 2. working out 2 times a week is like barely working out. you probly stopped gaining weight because its probly your maitence now. so you have to add mroe food to your diet if you want to continue gaining weight. you have 7 meals. if you add one glass of milk to each carb meal and 1 tb of olive oil or flax oil to each fat meal that would add an extra 700-800 calories to your diet and youll continue gaining. make sure your getting enough protein in there.


I have this savage weight gainer shake that has like 1100 cals in one serving. I usually have two a day which already puts my cal count up to 2200. that makes it pretty easy to reach like 4200 calories daily (which is... too much? for a 150 pounder?)

Also... as far as frequency working out... I get mixed advice. I used to go every 2nd day then I was told (on tnation) that i should go less often. What do you think?

Should I do any isolation excersises? Like curls or anything or just stick to the big ones?

I was also thinking about Yoga I heard that it's crazy for posture (which would help in other things).



Try this, if you eat enough and follow it you cannot fail:



grab a jug of milk and a jar of peanut butter,tastes great and will stick to your bones

and btw 4200kc isnt too much to eat,i have to eat 5k to gain,and I know some bouncers who are pretty damn big who eat a 3k breakfast

Also whoever was talking about the mind aspect of lifting,I always have trouble with that,especially squats and bench,always think my arms/legs will snap


An easy way for your to add many more calories...would be to take out that turkey sandwich and take out the subway roasted chicken sub. Eat something that really tastes good instead, not something considered 'healthy' -- I've been doing Subway like 3 or 4 times a week for lunch.

After looking over their nutrition menu, I found the most calories to be in the 12-inch Italian BMT sub...it's like double the chicken in calories. Also that turkey sandwich could be replaced with a ham sandwich with cheese and potato chips, etc...

Sounds like you're getting enough protein, but you need enough total calories for your body to be able to use the protein properly...and you might want to try cottage cheese at night before bed.


oh and for what to lift, search the articles for Total Body Training...excellent program that you can last a long time on because you're always changing things up...just make sure you're not going INTO the program tired or overworked...the program will definately teach you how to work through soreness.