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Idaho Man Finally Reaches 100-Pound Mark
From Associated Press
April 18, 2006 10:27 PM EDT
IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A 5-foot-9, 22-year-old man who eats 6,500 calories a day - two and a half times the average intake for an adult male - has earned a special reward for breaking the 100-pound mark:

Dinner out from his mom.

"I'm a medical mystery," said Matt Chaffee, who weighed in at 101 pounds on Saturday. "I've accepted it."

Chaffee, who has a 26-inch waist, had several health problems as a newborn. One of them, pyloric stenosis, prevents food from emptying out of the stomach. The condition and ulcers he developed in his esophagus reduced his ability to gain weight.

Chaffee weighed 8 pounds when he was 4 months old, and 17 pounds when he reached kindergarten, his mother said. He was up to 85 pounds at age 14, but couldn't participate in some activities, including swimming.

"He sinks like a rock," his mother, Kelley Chaffee, told the Post Register.

Since turning 18 his goal has been to go over 100 pounds. He achieved that on a diet that included 5,000 calories a day in protein shakes.

"He was so happy," Kelley Chaffee said.

Sandi Birch, a registered dietitian at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, said most of the people she deals with are not trying to put on weight.

"Its far more common to have the opposite problem," she said.

Matt Chaffee is an Eastern Idaho Technical College student and WinCo Foods cashier who works out five days a week and can bench press 130 pounds. He uses his bike for daily transportation.

He said he'll stop drinking the protein shakes if he reaches 120 pounds. Until then, he said he'll continue to wear long johns in the summer that help him conserve heat and prevent illness.

Kelley Chaffee said she will continue to search for clothes in her son's size that make him look his best.

"He doesn't look good in Wranglers," she said.


When you are 22 years old and your mother still dresses you, there is a problem.


That and the whole just broke 100lbs problem


5000 calories a day from protein shakes?

That's 50 scoops of Grow! a day.

The gas and ass squirts this guy produces must be deadly.


Further, why would a guy who only weighs 100lbs only be worried about protein?


Shit yeah, I don't know anything about his condition, but if he can stomach them I'd have him eat a couple bucks worth of McD's e veryday. 3 double cheese and 3 mcchickens =6 bucks and 3 feather and leather sandwhiches. He'd be up to 120 in no time.


He can bench 1.3x his bodyweight but it doesn't say anything about his squat.

Doesn't he know squats stimulate growth blah blah blah?

Is he all upperbody / no wheels?


Perhaps he still has the ulcers in his esophogus mentioned in the article, and thus non-liquid food is a bit hard on the pain side.



Then why not weightgainers? The bottom line is, he's 100lbs and he seems to be eating like someone on a diet. That makes no sense at all. Why would someone who can't keep food in their stomach for long eat foods that empty out faster? It sounds like he got his approach from half assed reading of bodybuilding magazines.


Wow. His RELATIVE STRENGTH is simply amazing.



by how much the media knows about training and nutrition the "protien shakes" could easily be MRP's or weight gainers. I know many people who put all of them into the same catagory. plus if he's getting 5,000Cals from them I would think he has a bit of carbs and fat in them or he's taking in what almost a Kilo of protien a day at 4 cal's per gram.


Good point. You may be right. Either way, his mother still dresses him funny.


So that means he's planning a cutting phase when he reaches 120#?

(Rolls eyes...)