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Serious Bulking and Intense Training Needed


Hey everyone,

Im Rodrigo. I weight 68kg and measure 180cm. In need of some serious bulking and intense training. Started going seriously to the gym about 1 month and a half, gaining like 5kg. I haven't measured my %fat recently, but 2 months ago I had 8%. I don't believe it has increased a lot. Just finished my conditioning routine last week and I need to start a real one, hope you guys can help me find one or even better help me make one?
Goals: get big as &(/)·%%· but get my %fat below 10.

Veni, vidi, vici.


i like the 20 rep squat program or any higher frequency squatting program for gaining weight fast without gaining too much fat


I'm confused. How have you been training the last month and a half? It would help to know what you've been doing so we know what changes to advise. If you've put on 11 pounds in 6 weeks, it sounds like you're pretty much on the right track and probably just need to tweak your nutrition.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

First things first. Your goals are your own thing, but can you be a little more specific about your long-term goal? If you want to look big as whatever, you need that size first before you worry about cutting down.

And anyway, you say you're still probably around 8% (not that I put much faith in percentages, but that would be pretty seriously lean), so as long as you eat smart and train smart, you shouldn't have to worry about too much fat gain since you're starting off so lean and underweight already.


Smallmike where can I find that program?

Chris: I have been doing a conditioning routing that the trainer of the gym gave to me. It was a full body routine that consisted of 8 exercises (all 3 sets, 15-12-8 reps)
-Leg extension
-Leg curl
-Seated calf rise
-Lat pull down
-Bench press
-Bicep curl straight bar (seated)
-Triceps extension

I know there are no compound exercises (because its conditioning) and that's why I need a new one.
About nutrition, I am eating about 2400 calories a day. That's like 400 surplus.

Anyway, I am ready to do whatever needed to grow as hell, and then cut.


Huh? The bench press is a compound exercise.

And what better way is there to condition your body than to do 10+ reps of squats at 70-80% of your max? Those things hurt if you do them without taking 5-6 second break in between each rep. Or 10+ reps of any compound barbell lift at 70-80% of your max, for that matter.

Or running.

I'm not quite sure what conditioning was supposed to mean there.


There's a number of them out there. Take a look at the Starting Strength 20 rep squats wikia page for a good list of the variants. (see Google) There's John McCallum's, and Randal Strossen's, and a number of others.

You can do either "breathing squats" or just regular squats. Breathing squats mean you take a minimum of 3 deep breaths between each rep. You'll probably get a bit lightheaded when you first start doing that.

The basic idea:
Start light. Start with maybe, I dunno, 125 lbs on the bar. Maybe lighter.

Warmup first. Be sure to do these in a rack. Squat 20 times, taking as long as you need between each rep, but don't set the bar down until you hit 20. Next session, add 10 lbs to the bar. Repeat. Do this 2-3x a week.

These will get heavy. They will suck. But you'll learn to work hard, and to build up your willpower.

But make sure you're taking in enough protein and calories. 2400 calories isn't going to cut it on any of the 20rep squat programs. Personally, I'd aim for a gain of AT LEAST a pound of bodyweight per week, 2-3 lbs is probably a better number. Also make sure you're getting plenty of protein in your diet; a minimum of 1g per lb bodyweight. (2.2g/kilo)

Also, if you're not already doing it, I'd suggest getting an omega 3 oil into your diet such as fish oil. It will help control the inflammation and has myriad other benefits.

But yeah, that's about all I can offer if you're going to go down the 20 rep squat path.

If you do decide to do this and it gets too hard... don't let it discourage you from lifting. There are plenty of other programs to switch to like 5/3/1 that work very well too.


Ots bbb is crazy.. Check it out


That is super-duper basic and definitely looks like a cookie-cutter routine the trainer gives to every single person he works with whether it's appropriate or not.

Almost any program in the archives here will be tons better. Here are a few to choose from. Pretty much whichever strikes your fancy should be fine for the next few months:

For future reference, lat pulldowns and the bench press are both compound (or multi-joint) exercises because they require movement at more than one joint and incorporate more than one muscle to do most of the work.

So 2,000 calories is your actual maintenance level? Or are you going by the outdated and inaccurate "everyone needs 2,000 calories per day" idea?

Plenty of good food seven days a week, smart lifting 3-5 days a week. So easy a caveman could do it.

Undertand, though, that growing will absolutely not happen unless you eat plenty. if 2,400 calories is enough to consistently increase your bodyweight, that's fine. But I really doubt it'll be enough once you start training even harder on a good program. Check these articles to get your eating in order:

This is a long way off because of your current height and weight. I wouldn't even put cutting anywhere on the radar just yet. At your height, plan on getting up to a muscular 180 or so to start looking "big."


Thanks! Do you know any good programs that use high reps? I dont want to hurt my back with heavy weights..


None of them. We all have bad backs, but continue to lift heavy weights to look good in our wheel chairs.