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Serious Assessment of My Training Needed

Greetings to all.

 im Arthritisboy . and im here to share my story.

i started traing weights as a eary pre teen. 10-13 age group. for years throught my teens i would train on and off. i got fat as a 16 year old" actually i was fat many times and lost weight on my own. but at sixteen i was severely depressed. so what does a 5'11 inch 260 lb
kid do. i started running. i ran every day. soon i could run really far . i started taking weightr loss drugs a freind introduced to me,"ripped feul''... and sadly abused it. and that led to massive hairloss."another story. anyhow.

durring this time i developed a love for running, from age 18 to 23 i would run like the wind. i mean far. 28 miles at the most. but i started gaining weight for lifting. i got up to a 325 lb bench press, by not knowing proper periodization or lifting technique, and my best deadlift was 405 for a set of 10. of course i weighed around 300 from all the junk food i ate.

anyways i tore my meniscus squating 300 somthing and now have arthritis and not medial meniscus in my right knee. and in my left i have a thin meniscus medialy and since then have gone through many phases. first i had to walk daily to loos weight, with the help of more stacker 2 and 3 pills. and then i started riding my bike again. i also forgot to mention that around the same time i got knee shit i fucked my shoulders by powercleaning 225... pathetic i know.

so ive also dealt with ac joint bullshit since. but ive been able to almost but cure it through gaining the knowledge over the years that i have about the anatomy and studying the articles here for 3 uears thouroghly. i also went through a massage therapy course. so i had to learn human anatomy and how to realese and care for tissues. so im not a nube on the body.

but im getting to point where i need to seriously asses my exercize and how ill maintain my body for the future and not have to be a fucking cripple when im 40. so i thought id go to the begginers section. since their may be many who i guess would consider me that.

take care all


FYI your body probably hates you


Welcome arthritis boy.
Let me introduce you to ...fish oil man!!!!
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Since you claim to have read the articles on here for the past 3 years, I take it you know what to do...

Wish you all the best. Keep lifting!


you weighed 300lbs, but could run 28miles? and deadlift 400lbs for ten?


I think that his weight fluctuated a lot. he lost weight by running a lot and then stopped and gained it all back when he got strong


I'd be most impressed with the 300 lbs running 28 miles. 300 lbs deadlifting 405 for 10 should be cake walk.


thos were at different times when i weighed different. i ran 28 miles when i was about 190 when i was 19, when i was 22 i weighed 300 and did 405 for a set of ten


[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
I'd be most impressed with the 300 lbs running 28 miles. 300 lbs deadlifting 405 for 10 should be cake walk.[/quote

how nice of you to say so. i was probably only 200lbs or so lean, the rest was fat.

i dont know, all i know is that i was lifting more than anyone else in my gym and that made me happy. im not pro anything. i was a reckless kid.