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Series of Nutrition Questions


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You don’t have to be a slave to tupperware to eat more than once a day. If you love the meal frequency you’re doing, have at it.

How fat are you now, and how fat are you comfortable getting? “Bulking” wouldn’t be my choice for an adult with a job.

I’m not the most qualified to tell you what to do, but it’s also not that complex. I can tell you what I would do. For reference, I’m 5’11" ~195lbs and can just barely see my abs. At 2500 calories, with two cheat meals a week, I will maintain my weight.

  • Take your bodyweight, multiply by 15. That’s your caloric target.
  • Set your protein at 1.25g per pound of bodyweight (so that you actually always hit 1g/ lbs.) Multiply that number by 4 and subtract from your calories above.
  • Set your fat at .35g per pound of bodyweight. This is a little more up to preference, but if you raise your fat you lower your carbs - I tend to do better on higher carbs and this is my example. Multiply that by 9 and subtract from your calories.
  • Use the remaining calories for carbs. Whatever calorie number is left, divide by 4 and that’s your carbs.
  • When you gain more than 1lbs./ week, drop 25g carbs; when you gain less than 2lbs./ month, add 25g carbs (this is up to your personal fat preference, but you won’t be gaining muscle faster than that).

I think you’re best-served to have 4-6 protein feedings of 30-40g, minimum, per day (these can be shakes), but getting the calories right is the most important.

So, if you weigh 200 lbs.:

  • 200 x 15 = 3000 calories
  • 200 x 1.25 = 250g protein and 1000 of your calories
  • 200 x .35 = 70 and another 630 calories
  • 3000 - 1630 = 1370 calories left so you get ~340g carbs

I’d have 5 protein “meals”:

  • 50g protein, 20g fat, 50g carb breakfast
  • 50g protein, 20g fat lunch, 50g carb lunch
  • 40g protein, 10g fat, 50g carb pre-workout
  • 10g protein, 40g carb intra-workout
  • 50g protein, 75g carb post-workout
  • 50g protein, 20g fat, 75g carb dinner

All that requires you to do is pack/ buy a lunch.