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Series of Nutrition Questions

When one does a cheat meal or cheat day even, most people do it right after a workout.
So how worse is it if it’s on a non training day? Does the thing about the body still repairing muscles like 48 or 72 hours after workouts still matter? Hence the thing where you need more calories on rest days?

Question 2). How bad is doing a buffet on omad compared to your normal omad eating? Answer variations from cutting maintaining and lean bulking please.

Question 3). Do diet sodas or energy drinks mess up your body? Something about the artificial sweeteners and other mumbo jumbo

Question 4). I cant seem to find this thing called Xantham gum anywhere. What section in a grocery aisle would it be in?

Question 5). For my 16 y old son trying to start a lifting program FOR MUSCLE GROWTH maybe the 5x5 or mad cow, how should he focus on nutrition? He is currently trying to bulk like I am but unlike me, he started out at 30% bf and dropped to 17-18 on his first couple years lifting. I think that’s why he doesnt have a lot of muscle.
Considering he was an endomorph or whatever, should he watch his bulking calories cautiously?

Not being a jerk, but these may not be the right questions. How consistently are you eating right now?

Average 3

3 what? Meals?

I mean do they all look the same? Do you have caloric/ macronutrient targets? Are you hitting those every day? How long have you been doing this? How often do you mess up? What’s your progress been? What are you doing activity-wise? Etc.

I try to hit 13-15k steps daily and usually workout 5-6 times a week and I am bulking on an intermittent fasting protocol due to mental focus reasons

Do you have any experience what so ever with eating in support of a goal?

So I’m not sure I can help. Here’s a couple examples why:

  1. Your first question was about eating when you haven’t trained in 48-72 hours, then you say you “work out” (whatever that means to you) 5-6 days a week. So what’s the question?
  2. You say you’re bulking with intermittent fasting for mental focus. So what’s your goal? Are you trying to gain a certain amount of weight, stick to IF, or feel “focused”? You do have to pick a primary goal, throw in your constraints, then see what fits.
  3. You’re asking questions about one meal a day, but say you eat three times a day - again, what’s the question?
  4. You’re talking about buffets as if there is some absolute there - so you have caloric targets in the first place?
  5. You ask about something, and even refer to it as “mumbo jumbo” in your question - so do you actually have a question or have you already decided?

I don’t say all that to be a jerk, but if you do want help (and there are world-class athletes and coaches - not me - on here willing to help for free), you do have to put some effort into providing the information.

For my part, I think you should set some reasonable macro targets and hit them consistently (that means +/- 5% every single day - not “try to”), with whatever meal timing/ frequency you want, for 6 weeks and see if you still have these questions.

I’m trying to bulk so i guess my new question is… how should you eat after a buffet day? Aka the next day should you eat clean and like minimal carbs or just eat normal like reeses cereal and such. Not all junk though.

Trying to leanly bulk

I also had the buffet as OMAD
Like I ate 0 anything for the 21 hours and feasted for about 2-3 hours

It shouldn’t matter where you ate.

It matters how much and of what quality.

Let it go. What’s done is done.

Should I try and compensate or just eat whatever like I do on the majority of my days?

Sorry I’m just paranoid. I think I mentioned somewhere that I was once 32% bodyfat

No. Just eat as “normal” what ever that maybe at this point.

Then why do you have junk like Reese cereal on hand?

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I greatly appreciate this. Much respect.
Please allow me to clarify good sir.
So I actually dont know what to consider a meal. To be practical, the first time I eat is after classes are over aka when I get home. 10 minutes later I walk to the gym which also takes 10-15 minutes.
After my workout it’s about 730pm
Then from there I eat whatever. I wouldnt call it structured because I drink a large blended shake with protein bannanas berries milk etc… with it, I eat the dinner that’s wonderfully made for me but then I go finish some work for about 10-25 minutes. Then come back and eat whatever snacks etc… then sleep.

To answer the training question, then 24-72 hour thing was the rumor that the muscle builds itself up to 72 hours hence the reason why training a muscle daily isnt adviced(especially large muscle groups)

And for the training one, I USUALLY train 5-6 times weekly but I just missed 2 workouts due to life happening… that sort of made me extra guilty when I went to eat at the buffet since I trained less than I usually do, especially since the day of the cheat i didnt train.

Sorry if I made things complicated
Your advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank you

I learned that its calories that make you fat not the type of food

Sorry, to clarify my terms, another minor reason I do IF is so that I can have freedom and not be a servant to those Tupperware small meals.

If you know Blake Horton you can relate.
Just following that dude

You pay $30.00 a month to follow a guy that read some stuff and has a big Instagram following?

Good luck.

Nono I dont pay for his program. He just says some stuff and his meals look fantastic

OK. Sorry to hear that. That may be why you seem so confused/unstructured.

There are a few writers/dieticians that write articles here on this site. John Berardi and Lonny Lowery, both Ph.Ds who’s writing could get you headed in a good direction. Very easy to read and understand.