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Series of Comics for Batman


I just read that Neil Gaiman (of Sandman fame) is doing a series of comics for Batman. I thought I'd spread the good news.

Has anyone read them?


I read a NG comic in the Batman proper line. DC fucked my subscription deliveries all up, though. So I'm not reading anymore til I get the back issues.


There's only one Death.


I cant fcuking believe batman is dead


I think his death contributed to DC getting Gaiman to write the comics though. He's pretty well known for personifying the Grim Reaper.


What'd you think of the comic? Worth getting?


Superman died, too.

Well, he died in that he felt like he was human, and humans die, so he just did what they do.

But, he's the most powerful creature in the universe, raised by the nicest people in the universe. So, he kinda is a dick.

But Batman. Damn, DC. That subscription fuckup is disasterous.


Batman kills Darkseid. With a gun.


A gun managed to kill Darkseid?


I imagine that the gun Batman would use is capable of it


Good point.