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Sergio Oliva Interview


I dont know if you all have seen this allready but it's a pretty interesting read:



Great read. I've never seen a physique that I admire more than Serio Oliva's.


He sure is bitter towards Weider...


Interesting interview -- and yeah, he is bitter toward Weider. Interview's from 2002 -- he mentions writing a book there. Is this it, I wonder:


This looks like a training manual, whereas in the interview it sounded like it'd be more bio/history.




Anybody besides myself ever gotten the chance to talk to Sergio for an extended amount of time ?

At the 07 Arnold there was a booth with Golden Era bodybuilders, and they were being all but ignored, I got to talk to Bill Grant,Sergio, and Anibal Lopez for like 30-45 minutes completely casually.

Sergio seemed very fragile, he was slouched over, and when he signed some stuff for me, his hand was shaking so badly that you can barely read the signature.




That's sad for me to hear -- Sergio was always one of my faves, and I always think of him as SOLID, healthy, active. Hunh. If you don't die another way, you get old and die. Sergio should be almost 68 now (born July 4, 1941) -- not young, but not ancient. Just wondering what might be causing what you mention above. Regardless, one of my all-time favorites, even though his glory days came before I was born.