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Sergei vs. Sergio


We all know who we're rooting for, but who will win and how?

Also, feel free to discuss Judah, Saul, Cotto, and, fuck me if I'm not going to say it, Haye.


I got MaraVilla Martinez, despite his speed advantage the dude is just hot as shit right now. I get the feeling the next 3-5 years are gonna be big years for him before he retires. He got a late start and is a great story.

As for Haye V Klitstchko.....I got Haye i just seem to like the guy, and would like to see him at the top


Yeah, I think the Argintinian is going to do it, probably by late KO... 7th or something. Although this may be influenced by my overpowering man-crush on him.

But Haye? Really? I mean he talks more shit than Charlie Sheen and... who has he beat? I mean who? Valuev? Who won a debateable decision against a one-foot-in-the-grave Holyfield? Mormeck? Barely? When he was a good deal smaller than him? I see this being a very one-sided beatdown. IF it ever happens.

Incidentaly, here is the Haye Mormeck fight, which is worth watching just to see the kind of commentary we should be getting but aren't.





Cotto, Martinez, and Andy Lee all win by specacular KO's. What more could I ask for?

I haven't seen the Cotto fight, I really want to. Martinez I just watched, man he's awesome, I wish he was boxing at 25 instead of 35 though haha.


fucking Maravilla FTW.

my favorite fighter since the first fight with Williams.


hey Irish, btw, notice how W.K.'s "abdomninal injury" suddenly reared it's head again to get him out of the Chisoro fight?

haha, funny how that worked out in favor of a Haye Wlad K. fight hmmm?


Wlad has dicked about with Chisora but honestly, it couldn't happen to a better person, Chisora is an otherworldly cocksucker from the planet asshole.


My Favorite fighter since Mayweather is inactive


Not too sure what you're talking about Heavy... hahah i NEVER pay any attention to the heavies.

When was that fight supposed to be?


well, point is, he had a fight scheduled with Chisora, then had to back out a few days before with an abdominal injury.

they rescheduled the fight for april.

well, the Haye and his people came to the table with a deal to fight W.K., and it seemed like a lock.

Wlad wanted to go ahead and fight Chisoro, then fight Haye later in the year.

Haye said no way, that he did not want Wlad to risk losing or getting hurt before the big payday.

Klit said fuck off, and the Haye fight was again a no-go.

Weeeel, I think Wlads financial advisers finally talked some sense into him and convinced Wlad to drop the fight with the nobody Chisoro and make Haye happy, thus sealing the deal on a BIG PAYDAY fight with Haye.

so all the sudden Wlad pulls out AGAIN of the Chisoro fight with another "abdominal injury" and all the sudden the Haye fight is a done deal :wink:

that is what I think.

"otherworldly cocksucker from the planet asshole" I lol'd


You forgot the part where Haye signed to fight either Klitcshko brother, they would decide which one after he signed... which I thought was odd as fuck


It's because Wlad has to get cleared by his doctor before he can get in the ring, if the injury isn't healed then Vitali will fight.

At first I was a little skeptical of the injury but it's too much of a conspiracy theory to suppose Wlad made a contract clause on the assumption Haye would sign to fight him in the future.