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Serge Storms - Shapeshifter



Cruising right along.

Crushed my Strava segment time trial over the weekend.

22mph for 11 miles. Then we went about 40 more miles.

I hit the wall at about mile 40. Bonk city. Cramped up in both quads and hamstrings at the same time. Try stretching your way out of that one.

I wouldn’t recommended this. Especially if you need to be able to clip back into the pedals and go for another ten miles just to get home.

I managed to get through it. It was pretty damn funny. In the process of trying to sit down and stretch my hamstrings, my abs cramped up. I was like a paralyzed fish, flopping around on the ground with one foot still clipped in the pedal. Had to give some church goers across the street a thumbs-up so they wouldn’t call 911.

Meanwhile, in the gym…

60-70 minute sessions. Every day.

40% dance moves/flow capoeira/breakdance/acro yoga/gymnastics
40% jump rope
20% dumbbells - 25-30 lbs - shoulders and arms

I hit a lifetime PR on consecutive double-unders with the rope last weekend…


(I think it was actually 210…may or may not have lost count for a short bit)

Weight is 184 ish.

Missing tennis, especially while watching the US Open. More tennis.

Hoka One One Shoes. I’ll never buy another brand again.

Rogue speed rope - stainless steel competition. Takes double-unders to the next level. Can’t use headphones for double-unders, because the ears must be engaged to optimize rhythm.